7 ways to win friends and influence others on Facebook

One of my favorite books is How to Win Friends and Influence People  by Dale Carnegie. It recently occurred to me that a lot of what he writes in the book applies to interactions on Facebook.

Facebook is having a tremendous impact on many of the top brands in the the world. For example, Starbucks is one of the top brands on Facebook because it recognizes and rewards its consumers.

Here are seven ways you can help your brand or client win friends and influence others on Facebook.

1. Arouse in the other person an eager want

Figure out what the customer really wants from your Facebook page. Why are they coming to your Facebook page and why do they ‘like’ it? Is it because of conversation? Engagement with fans of similar interests? Discounts? Special offers? To benchmark other top brands for ideas, check out the Facebook page leaderboard on the PageData section of InsideFacebook.com. According to the site, Texas Hold’em Poker is number one. It is interesting to note that since Facebook changed its language from ‘fan’ to ‘like’, the entertainment brands have seen an increase, according to ClickZ.

2. Become genuinely interested in other people

Contribute relevant content on your wall (and if you have a discussion tab) to stimulate conversation. Make sure that each person who ‘likes’ your Facebook page knows that the brand cares about them in a genuine way. Your Facebook page should be generating conversation among your loyal fans not spamming them with marketing messages that are irrelevant to them.

3. Be a good listener: Encourage others to talk about themselves

Update content consistently and ask a lot of questions. Asking questions is a sure way of getting them to talk about themselves. But it is important to make sure that when you ask these questions that you listen so that you can ask better questions the next time. While the number of people who ‘like’ your Facebook page is important, those who actively engage with you is even more important for your brand. To learn more about how to engage your fans, check out these two great articles:

4. Talk in terms of the other person’s interests

Why do people want to become a fan of your page? Why do they like your content? Learn what interests your target audience has beyond just the interactions with your brand. Conducting research is important to really getting to know all of the interests of your brand advocates. Throughout all of your social media platforms, you can get a bigger picture of what really interests your audience.

5. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely

It is important that you generate new fans and keep your current fans happy. To keep them happy, recognize the people who create or share the most information about your brand. For example, create a loyalty rewards card where your fan collect points or badges or stars. Something where you encourage your fans to keep coming back for more and more. Highlight on your Facebook page, stories that represent your “ideal fan.” Perhaps develop a “fan of the day” or “fan of the week” on your page where you continually make your fans feel like they are an important part of everything you do as a brand. For more information, check out: how to recognize and reward your brand’s top fans.

6. Give honest and sincere appreciation

In social media, it is important that you give sincere appreciation. A simple “thank you” needs to go deeper. You need to give them something of value such as free ticket, a coupon, exclusive access, gift certificate or a momento. Something creative to show them that you really appreciate them and are thankful that they are a brand advocate.

7. Throw down a challenge

Create a contest. Be creative. For example, you can create a user-generated content contest about why they are your biggest fan. Or you can create a contest where they take a video or photo about using your product or service. Or create a contest with a large prize such as a trip, cash or meeting your brand celebrity. Check out these posts: leveraging social media for contest promotion and five tips for creating a successful social media contest.

For more information on how to win friends and influence others on Facebook.

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What would you add to this list?


13 thoughts on “7 ways to win friends and influence others on Facebook

    1. mattroyse

      Glad that you like the site. Thanks for your feedback about wanting more content. I will try to post more often. Right now, I have committed to posting once a month.


  1. Johann Niemand

    I finished the Dale Carnegie Course on Human Relations end Effective Speaking years back and it all still applies. Great article thank you.


  2. valeriy Guy

    Great points, especially #5. The “Like” button has made it to easy to click and forget about the groups and companies that we as customers enjoy. You have a good point in saying that companies need to reward their customers in order to keep them interested and coming back to visit the page.


    1. I am glad to hear that you liked the post. I love companies who reward their customers. There are many companies to come to mind who do this well. Growing up I loved the Subway Club card where I received a stamp for each sub I bought and then I earned a free sub after so many stamps. If Subway could somehow integrate that concept with Facebook, I think they would gain a lot more engaged fans on their Facebook page.


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