10 inspirational quotes to make you a better marketer

Who doesn’t love a great marketing quote? I culled together 10 inspirational quotes for today’s modern marketing and public relations professionals. These marketing quotes will help us get excited about our profession, if we are not already. These quotes come from some of today’s top marketing experts.

10 marketing quotes

Today is a great time to be a marketer for many reasons. Hopefully, you will see why below. Hopefully, these marketing quotes will help you successfully guide through today’s ever changing and ever evolving social media and content marketing world.

Marketing doesn't feel like marketing

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Marketing stories

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Tell don't sell

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Google answers

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Conflict or challenge equals story

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Marketing helpful

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Don't sell anything

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Why you do it

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Don't beg the media, be the media

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Good content marketing

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Content marketing and dating

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What would you add to this list?

What inspirational marketing quotes would you add to this list? Are there some quotes that are missing? What are your favorite quotes about marketing that inspire you?