Social selling: why value and insights win [infographic]

Social selling is one of the most powerful ways to enhance your sales and marketing efforts today. It’s revolutionizing sales like digital marketing changed marketing. Social selling is paramount to boosting your social media and content marketing efforts. Social selling is half social media and half content marketing. It is the new model of modern selling. It’s about education, social networks, and engagement. Sales is looking to marketing to help them as your coming shifts toward a digital and social business. This collaboration has led the term “smarketing” – an important term that describes the integration of the marketing and sales processes.

Why social selling provides value

Companies that provide more value and insights through content and social selling are more successful. They win over their customers because they are helpful. Customers recognize that great content helps them make a better purchase decision. They have more power in today’s digital world thanks to the rise of the internet.

In this infographic below, find out what social selling is and why you should care about this topic. There are 40+ helpful insights and compelling reasons why your company should start a social selling program right now.

social selling infographic - knowledgeenthusiast

This infographic was made with graphic design software Venngage.

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