What B2B buyers really want marketers to do [infographic]

According to a recent Demand Gen Report on content preferences, business to business (B2B) buyers are looking to consume content that is concrete, has fewer sales messages, and is more educational.

With less time to devote to researching potential purchases, B2B buyers want marketers to not bury the lede.

They want marketers to get right to the point with helpful and informative content that lays out a formula for success.

Here are some key highlights from the survey. B2B buyers want:

  • on-demand, bundled and packaged content
  • mobile-friendly formats
  • visual and interactive content
  • content with trustworthy sources, data, and research
  • prescriptive content such as “X steps to” or “X tips for”
  • blueprints and toolkits

Check out this infographic by Uberflip for more information about what buyers want from marketers.

What Buyers Really Want From Marketers Infographic compressed

This infographic was created by Uberflip.