10 ways to improve your influence on Twitter

Here are 10 more ways you can boost your Twitter influence. Check out the first 10 ideas.

How to grow your influence on Twitter

These 10 ideas can help you grow your followers and influence on Twitter.

1. Provide insight and ask questions

Comment on other blogs to promote your Twitter username and your blog or website. Ask others what they think about a topic, a new tool or technology or even advice on something that is on your mind.

2. Be an enthusiast

It is all about what you say and how you say it! Gary Vaynerchuck is a great example of someone you should follow on Twitter. Warning: His enthusiasm is contagious.

3. Be like Mike, as in Michael Jordan

Find people on Twitter that you admire such as Michael Jordan. Look at their Twitter stream and see what, when and how they tweet … and take notes.

4. Do your homework

Research other people’s Twitter streams. Find out what items they mark as a “favorite” or whom they interacted with. Also, subscribe to e-newsletters such as SmartBrief or grow your RSS feed on Feedly. You can also find all the top headlines from popular topics around the web.

5. Create a contest

There are many ways you can structure a contest. But first, figure out what you want to accomplish with a contest. More followers or more website traffic?

6. Type slow, think fast

Remember the five Ws (who, what, where, when, and why). “Why” is the most important question to ask yourself. Why would this tweet be important to be my followers? Remember, the more people “talking” about your tweets, the greater your influence.

7. Attend social media events

Attend events that discuss social media. Find those events in that area and live tweet on the event’s hashtag. For example, find your local social media club in your area.

8. Find your niche

What topics do you usually tweet about? Is it leadership, marketing, public relations (PR), news of the day? Identify up to 10 topics you like to talk about most and stay within those lines. Your followers need to understand what you are passionate about and what topics to expect when they look at your tweets.

9. Help others

Did you know that 80 percent of Twitter users talk about themselves? Be that 20 percent of Informers and help others. Pay it forward. It will come back to you.

10. Know your limit

Remember not to over-tweet. I know I look at the history of a Tweeter before I follow him or her because I don’t want to get spammed with irrelevant information on my Twitter stream. Learn how often you should post to social media.

What tips wold you add to this list?

What do you think? Do you have other tips? Check out these other 10 tips.

11 thoughts on “10 ways to improve your influence on Twitter

  1. mattroyse

    Glad to hear Martine that you found this post helpful. Good luck with school and please let me know how I can help with your job search after graduation.

  2. I’m so glad I found this post. I bookmarked it a few weeks and just referenced it again. Twitter can be overwhelming especially when you are first starting out. I’ve only been using the service for a little over a month and a half. I love Twitter and I am amazed everyday at the amount of new information I am exposed to! Still I am having a hard time finding my niche. I’m a public relations student and I follow a lot of public relations professionals. I’m trying not to tweet and re-tweet ‘old’ information, but it’s hard! Thanks again for this post and these suggestions!

  3. Royse, this is truly the most informative “tweet” info I have ever received. Thank you so much, very informative. “Abundance follows those who help others.” – Grace.

  4. mattroyse

    Thank you, Jody, for reading and commenting. I really like the 70-20-10 rule. It is a good rule of thumb for everyone. Thank you for sharing it.

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