The top 5 hottest digital marketing trends right now [infographic]

Digital marketing is hot right now.

It is the future of marketing.

Organizations invest more every year in digital marketing.

In fact, 70 percent of small to medium-sized businesses will increase their digital marketing budgets in 2017.


The world is becoming digital.

People are using digital to operate when they live, work and play.

And organizations are quickly realizing that going digital is critical to their success.

As a result, marketing budgets are climbing.

They are now 12 percent of a company’s revenue, up from 11 percent in 2016 and 10 percent in 2015.

This spending increase shows the importance of digital marketing, as digital becomes an integral part of all marketing activities.

But what part of digital marketing is the hottest?

According to a survey of digital marketers, the top-performing companies are making these aspects of digital marketing a priority in 2017.

1. Digital advertising

Thanks to analytics and the rise of content marketing, digital advertising is hot right now.

Some of the top digital marketing skills in this area include search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), digital project management and digital graphic design.

2. Social media marketing

This is one area where marketers see a lot of success with the role of social media marketing moving beyond just lead generation and brand awareness.

Social media management, content strategy, and creative direction are three hot skills in this area.

3. Website design and development

The website is the face of your brand in today’s digital world. It is one of the best places that organizations can start with their digital marketing efforts because it is one of the most effective (and least difficult) places to start.

Web development, user experience design, and web analytics are three hot skills.

4. Content development

Buyers are relying more on content before they make purchasing decisions. Personalized content experiences with integrated marketing programs are critical to success in this area.

Content creation and management, web analytics, and digital project management are three hot skills in content development.

5. Mobile marketing

With Google is heading toward a mobile-first index in phases, organizations are making mobile a priority with their digital marketing efforts.

Mobile design, mobile development, and e-commerce analytics are three hot skills in mobile marketing.

Check out this infographic below by Quantum Dynamix to learn more about hot trends, strategies, and skills in digital marketing and how you and your organization stack up.

Strategic Digital Marketing Priorities Infographic compressed.jpg

This infographic was created by Quantum Dynamix.