Social selling on LinkedIn: what you should know [infographic]

These 19 steps to social selling on LinkedIn are a great way to make sure you add value and are positioned as an expert in your field.

10 of these steps include:

1. Have a fully completed LinkedIn profile

2. Ensure your LinkedIn profile shows the value you add

3. You have at least 10 recommendations

4. You create and share valuable content

5. You curate popular content by others and share it

6. You share content every day via the status update on your LinkedIn profile

7. Your share articles via LinkedIn groups

8. You connect with people you know on LinkedIn

9. You join relevant LinkedIn groups

10. You leave thoughtful comments on other people’s content

Check out this infographic, brought to you by Top Dog Social Media, to learn more about the key steps to being successful on LinkedIn with social selling.

Social Selling on LinkedIn Infographic compressed

This infographic was originally published on Social Selling Masters.