How to create standout infographics [infographic]

Infographics are liked and shared three times more on social media than other types of content.


Nearly 50 percent of the brain focuses on visual processing.

Research has found that people who follow directions with text and illustrations do so 323% better than those using just text.

The infographic format can help companies explain complicated subjects, processes, or data-driven insights.

HubSpot’s analysis of their most shared posts in 2017,  they found that more than 33 percent of their most-shared HubSpot posts included infographics.

The rumors of the infographic’s demise are exaggerated.

Colorful visual content such as infographics is viewed and read 80 percent more.

Research shows that readers online pay closer attention to information using images.

If the images are relevant, readers will spend more time looking at the images.

In fact, visual content receives 94 percent more views than text.

With social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram prioritizing visual content,  it is important to have visual content.

Now that you know that infographics should be a powerful part of your content marketing effort, check out this infographic below by IBM to learn key tips for creating standout infographics and how you can serve up infographics that boost your content marketing:

How to Create Infographics for Content Marketing Infographic compressed.png

This infographic was created by IBM.