7 habits of successful bloggers (and what you can learn from them)

What do successful bloggers do to separate themselves from average bloggers? It can be distilled down to seven habits:

  1. Invest a lot of time
  2. Write high-quality blog articles
  3. Publish consistently
  4. Add multimedia
  5. Review the data
  6. Update their old blog articles
  7. Promote differently

Orbit Media surveyed more than 1,300 bloggers to see what is working and what is not working with successful bloggers.

The results of their survey give us insight into the business of successful blogging today. Here are 7 habits of that they incorporate into their daily routines.

1. They invest a lot of time

Successful bloggers spend a lot of time writing their blog articles. In fact, 49 percent of bloggers who spend 6+ hours on each article report “strong results” from blogging, an increase year over year.

Three years ago, 1 in 20 bloggers spent 6+ hours on a typical blog post. Today that number is 1 in 8. Bloggers who put the greatest investment into their content see the greatest returns.

In 2017, the average time spent composing a blog post was 3 hours and 20 minutes.


To write these longer blog articles, bloggers are mobile, working everywhere and during “off” hours. According to the survey, 4 in 5 bloggers take their work home and 1 in 3 bloggers work on nights and on weekends.

Key takeaway: you need to find time to write, whether you are on the go or during nights or weekends.

2. They write high-quality blog articles

The second habit of successful bloggers is that they write high-quality and longer posts. There is a strong relationship between the length of blog posts and results.

Bloggers who write longer blog posts are twice as likely to report strong results. The average blog post is 1,142 words long. That is 41 percent longer than the typical post three years ago.

Some bloggers are writing shorter posts (between 500 and 1,000 words) while bloggers who are writing more than 2,000 words are rising.


Key takeaway: write articles that are more than 2,000 words or between 500 to 1,000 words.

3. They publish consistently

The third habit of successful bloggers is they publish consistently. Successful bloggers publish high-quality posts a couple times a month. A couple years ago, it was about two to six times a week.

Most bloggers publish a blog article a week with 85 percent of bloggers publishing regularly.


The data from Orbit Media showed a direct relationship between the frequency of blog posts and overall results.

“Bloggers who publish more often are far more likely to get results.”

Orbit Media

As a general rule of thumb, publishing a blog article a month is good but publishing weekly is better.

How do you write more consistently? The analogy of exercise is a good one. The more you exercise, the stronger you get and the more workouts you want to do.

Writing a blog post is similar. When you blog more, you develop and improve your processes, you better shape what your audience expects from you and you have a greater chance of a blog article resonating with your audience.

Key takeaway: on average, you should publish a blog post a week. 

4. They add multimedia

The data from Orbit Media showed that successful bloggers use multimedia is essential. Multimedia can be images, graphics, and video.

When your multimedia is optimized, it is more assets on your blog that can be indexed by Google and it expands your digital footprint. Most bloggers include more than one image in their blog post and like to also include videos.


To optimize your images, they should be named so they match the blog article, given alt text, sized properly using tools like Pixlr X and compressing the images using looks like TinyPNG.

Key takeaway: add images and videos to your blog articles and optimize them

5. They review the data

More than 80 percent of bloggers check analytics frequently.


It is important to analyze what content is performing well, experiment with different types of content and evolve your blogging approach over time.

“Bloggers who measure results get better results”

Orbit Media

In summary, most bloggers check their analytics most of the time according to the Orbit Media data, an increase year over year.

Key takeaway:  check your analytics every day or at least once a week.

6. They update their old blog articles

Successful bloggers who consistently update their old content say they are 74 percent more likely to report stronger results. HubSpot found success in regularly auditing its website and spent time optimizing old content.


If you have a lot of content on your blog, how do you pick which content to update first?

One of the best approaches is to use Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and analytics from your marketing automation tool such as Marketo, HubSpot or Eloqua.

Not all of your content is successful and content diminishes its value over time. By adding more images and videos, adding new stats or deleting/adding new links, and removing bad links and bad information can help you improve the user experience and improve your search rankings.

Key takeaway: consistently update your old blog articles.

7. They promote differently

It’s not that the best-written or best-produced content win but the best-promoted content that wins. There are many different types of ways bloggers can promote their blog articles.

As a result, more bloggers are using more channels. Paid services are on the rise because only 3 percent of bloggers who use paid promotion report disappointing results and paid promotion provides reports for justifying a return on investment (ROI).

Bloggers are also collaborating with influencers because it works and provides strong results. By collaboration with someone who has a built-in audience, collaboration on content is an effective way to reach that audience.


According to data from Orbit Media, there is almost a five times increase in paid content promotion since 2014.

Key takeaway: think differently about your promotion and consider influencer marketing and paid search and paid social.

Successful bloggers are getting good results

Your blog is a critical component of a successful content marketing strategy. There is an art and science to building an audience with blogging. The more you invest in creating content for your audience, the better your results.


According to Orbit Media, there is a 20 percent increase in the number of bloggers who report strong results.

What habits do you incorporate?

Successful bloggers invest a lot of time, write high-quality blog articles, publish consistently, add multimedia, review the data, update their old blog articles and promote their content differently.

What habits do you incorporate into your daily routine to become a successful blogger? What have you found to be working or not working? Please provide your comments below.