2018 marketing trends you should know [infographic]

It’s almost 2018.

That means we are in the season of predicting what next year looks like.

What’s on the horizon for digital marketing and social media in 2018?

According to the team at MDG Advertising, these five big marketing trends should dominate in 2018.

1. Micro-influencer campaigns

Marketers are shifting their influencer marketing efforts from macro-influencers to micro-influencers (under 100,000 followers) because micro-influencers are trusted more than macro-influencers.

This trend will accelerate in 2018 as new platforms make it easier to find micro-influencers, deploy campaigns, and analyze performance.

2. Data-driven personalization

Personalization has become a popular buzzword because it works when executed properly. Audiences have come to expect surface-level personalization such as name.

However,  many marketers haven’t adopted deep personalization based on data such as interests, past behavior and actions, and other data.

Implementing data-driven personalization will become more accessible in 2018 with an expectation for increased adoption in 2018.

3. Augmented reality experiences

Emerging audience engagement tactics that marketers are becoming more enthusiastic about is virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR).

Virtual reality is getting a lot of media attention but augmented reality will have a bigger impact in 2018 as the technology becomes more mainstream.

4. Artifical intelligence (AI)-powered efficiency

Artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved into an innovative approach with practical applications for marketers.

AI is expected to increase in adoption in 2018 because AI will help marketers accomplish tasks more effectively and with scale.

5. Customer journey mapping

As more people and organizations embrace more digital channels, getting the right messaging at the right time in the right channel is becoming more important.

In 2018, smart marketers who have time to take a step back and correctly map the evolving customer journey will pay off for their organizations.

Check out this infographic by MDG Advertising to learn more about the top marketing trends for 2018.

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This infographic was created by MDG Advertising.