Job hunting via social media: what you should know [infographic]

More than 90 percent of recruiters use social media to vet candidates before an interview. Your social media strategy and how you manage your personal brand is critical to a successful job search. Why? Because 49 percent of hiring managers who screen candidates via social media have found information that causes them to not hire a candidate.

Additionally, 56 percent of Human Resources and recruiters have found some of their best candidates via social media. So, how do you approach your job search via social media?

To start, you should follow these do’s and don’ts:

What should you do on social media?

  • Use social media to expand your professional network and share your industry expertise.
  • Follow and engage with companies in your industry and companies who are interested in working at one day.
  • Maintain a professional and current profile photo on your social media channels.
  • Research companies you want to work for via social media.

What shouldn’t you do on social media?

  1. Don’t post inappropriate information or photos on social media.
  2. Don’t just broadcast social media posts. Be strategic about what you are sharing.
  3. Don’t have an egghead on your social media channels such as Twitter.

Job hunting via social media

Check out this infographic by Sterling Talent Solutions to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do when job hunting via social media.

Job Search via Social Media Infographic

This infographic was created by Sterling Talent Solutions.