How to best conduct a SEO audit of your website [infographic]

You can conduct a search engine optimization (SEO) audit of your website in only 15 minutes. An SEO audit is an excellent place to see where you stand on your SEO efforts.

How to best conduct an SEO audit

There is a 10-step process you should take to best conduct this SEO audit of your website. These 10 steps, as recommended by Ahrefs, include:

1. Start a crawl using tools such as Beam Us Up or Screaming Frog

2. Conduct an on-site sniff test

3. Run some search tests. Check for duplicate content using a tool like Copyscape and check your website ranking using a tool such as Alexa 

4. Set up or review your Google Search Console account

5. Set up or review your Google Analytics account

6. Use your Ahrefs account to analyze your links

7. Identify any penalties using a tool such Barracuda Panguin

8. Check your website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights and ensure your website is mobile friendly using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test

9. Use Google Structured Data Testing to confirm that any structured data is properly formed and rich snippets are correctly displayed

10. Review your crawl data to take a more in-depth look at your website

The important of an audit

Check out this infographic by Ahrefs to learn more about how to conduct a search engine optimization (SEO) audit of your website.

This infographic was created by Ahrefs.