How to write the best social media posts [infographic]

Each social media channel has its own community and specific nuances that you should optimize for each social media post.

Do you know the ideal number of characters, hashtags, and emojis to use on each social media network?

To get more likes, comments, shares, and clicks, you should follow these social media post best practices.


  • Hashtags: 0
  • Emojis: 1
  • Character Count: 111


  • Hashtags: 2
  • Emojis: 1
  • Character Count: 103


  • Hashtags: 11
  • Emojis: 3
  • Character Count: 241


  • Hashtags: 0
  • Emojis: 0
  • Character Count: 149

Check out this infographic below by CoSchedule to learn more about how to write the best social media posts.

The Best Social Media Posts Infographic compressed

This infographic was created by CoSchedule.