Long-form content: why you should create more of it [infographic]

Long-form content performs better because it gets you more shares on social media, you get more links to your website, and you increase your website authority. Let’s discuss why you should create long-form content on your blog or website.

Why create long-form content? 

Long-form content is content with more than 2,000 words. It is related to higher rankings in search results since the average content length of the top 10 search results is typically over 2,000 words.

Long-form content has a higher chance at more social media shares and directly related to higher ranking in search results

The chance of more social media success and how high you rank is directly related to how long the content is or how many words.

According to SerpLogic, there are six key steps to creating successful long-form content. They are the following:

1. Clearly identify your goals for your content

2. Decide on gated (where a visitor has to fill out a form) or non-gated content

3. Select a topic that will deliver value to your audience

4. Decide who will write the content (some internally or externally)

5. Optimize your content for conversions

6. Create a comprehensive and creative content promotion strategy

The benefits of longer content

Check out this infographic below by SerpLogic to learn more about the key benefits of long-form content. Find out why you should create long-form content. And most importantly, how to develop long-form content.

This infographic was created by SerpLogic.

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