YouTube channel art trends, best practices and guidelines [infographic]

Did you know that at least 65 percent of people are visual learners? Did you know that presentations using visual support are more persuasive by 43 percent? Are you aware that half of YouTube subscribers between 18 and 43 years old will drop whatever they are doing to watch a new video from their favorite YouTube channel?

YouTube reaches more than people who are 18 years and old during primetime viewing hours than any cable television network. It has become a lot more than videos or visual entertainment. A lot of YouTube users use the website for instructional videos, tutorials, reviews, product information, and podcasts.

Your YouTube Channel art

The first thing someone will notice when viewing your YouTube channel is your channel art. It’s important your channel works for desktop computers and mobile devices. Adhering to the standard sizing specifications required by YouTube will help you retain the originality of the art on all of the devices.

Your videos need to be good to have a successful YouTube channel but your channel art goes a long way in making sure your channel achieves the reach, popularity and distinction you are looking for with your YouTube channel.

YouTube Channel Art Infographic Compressed

This infographic was created by Design Wizard.