10 things you can learn about marketing from Apple [infographic]

One of the most profitable, well-known and trusted brands in the world is Apple. This successful company is one of the champions of marketing. Apple is a company who seems to get their marketing consistently right. Few companies do it better than Apple.

Apple markets itself well. It sells without selling. Their successful marketing efforts have become a benchmark for other companies. But what can we learn from this technology company?

What you can learn about marketing from Apple

Here are 10 things you can learn from this powerhouse brand:

1. Keep it simple

In their marketing, there is no messaging about where and how to buy their products and services. Instead, Apple lets the products speak for themselves. Enough said.

2. Use product placements

Work with an influencer so they can show how easy it is to use your products or services. This is called influencer marketing. Companies like Apple thrived with a good influencer marketing campaign and brands are relying on influencer marketing more than ever.

3. Leverage reviews

Apple has done a great job at engaging its community of followers and getting good reviews.

4. Focus on unique value proposition not price

A big part of Apple’s marketing is that don’t get involved in price wars. They know they can’t win that war and don’t want to promote price but their unique value. Apple focuses on providing a good user experience with cool features and a lot of experiences. As a result, the customers feel like it is worth paying the higher price.

5. Stand for something

Companies like Apple often take bold stands and can be counted on to deliver what they stand for: great products. Apple stands for sleek, user-friendly technology. What does organization stand for?

6. Create experiences, not just products

Apple creates an experience so it doesn’t feel like you are buying a product. when you walk into any Apple store, there are Apple products everywhere for people to use and try. Use the art of storytelling to invoke emotion and add sensory dimensions to the overall delivery.

7. Speak to audiences, using their language

Apple really understands their customers and how they interact with their stores, online and via social media. They use terms and explanations that their customers understand. They don’t confuse their customers by using language their customers don’t use.

8. Develop an aura and mystery around what you are doing

Apple has done a great job at creating mystery around what they are doing next. For example, Apple doesn’t release details about the new iPhone or iPad until it has its formal Apple event so people are always talking and speculating what could be next. Nobody likes a spoiler but everyone loves a surprise. Share enough information to pique interest about your company’s new products and services but keep some of the details for when the launch of the product or service happens.

9. Appeal to emotions

Apple has created evangelists out of their customers. An evangelist has a lot of enthusiasm for a cause and passes the word to others. Apple has been able to reach its customers on a deep and emotional level.

10. Use visuals

Apple does a great job at using visuals to showcase its products and services. Apple’s ads and website have great visuals where you feel like you are using or touching an iPhone or iPad.

Learn more about why Apple gets their marketing right

Check out this infographic below by The Website Group to learn about how Apple’s marketing has become a benchmark for other companies that want to become just as successful.

This infographic was created by The Website Group.