7 ways to successfully use videos to grow your business

As consumer habits evolve, so do marketing strategies. In recent years, the trend has been moving steadily in favor of a video-centered marketing system. Consumers are engaging with videos more than ever before. This has made it a very powerful strategy for promoting and growing businesses online.

If you are not using videos to promote your brand and products, then you are definitely missing out on a very huge potential market.

Of course, other forms of digital marketing are still relevant, but videos give you the opportunity to directly engage your audience and reach a larger number of customers.

Use videos to grow your business

Still not convinced? This article will take a look at 7 ways you can use videos to grow your business.

1. Driving website traffic

Video content has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of directing traffic to your website.

Studies have shown that having a relevant video on your homepage has a 150 percent chance of boosting you to the first page of Google search results. And when your webpage gets to the first page of SERPs, your website will experience a tremendous increase in organic traffic.

Embedding a video on your website not only encourages traffic, engagement and conversion, it also increases the chance of inbound links from social media shares. This can lead to more customers and so grow your business.

Brian, customer expert at Domain Names 4 Less, has this to say about the impact of videos on customer’s websites:

“We always notice a steady flow of organic traffic to websites with one or more video content. This shows in no clear terms the importance of video content to the success of customer’s websites”

2. Improving brand recognition

What name comes to mind when people think about the kind of business you do? More importantly, what name comes to mind when customers think about your products and services? If you have invested the time, resources and many sleepless nights into your brand, you need something that will put you ahead of the competition.

Creating a highly-engaging video is a very good way to make your brand stand out from similar businesses. Customers find it easier to relate with video content on a website and this makes it a perfect way to convey the message of your brand.

It is, however, important that your video is consistent with your brand, as it is an extension of your marketing strategy. Once you have created the perfect video, you can share it with the world on your website, social media profiles, and popular video platforms like YouTube.

3. Putting a face to the brand

Customers are very interested in having a face for their favorite brand. That is why one of the most visited pages on any website is the ‘About page’.

Website visitors want to associate your business with a personality, and a video is the right way to show this. You can create a simple yet beautiful picture to introduce yourself, your business, and your products and services. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to put your team in the limelight.

A video like this will make your visitors and customers feel like a part of the business and  can do wonders for your bottom line. The truth is that everyone loves a good story, so use a video to tell one.

4. Introduce your products

Studies have shown that people are 85% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video about it. With a well-crafted video, you can introduce your products, even those still at development stage, point out how it works, and the benefits your customers stand to gain from using it. Videos like this are called explainer videos. Explainer videos are a very good way to entice your visitors into becoming customers.

A good explainer video should  show the viewer how the product can solve the problem they are facing. When customers know ahead of time how to use a product and how effective it is, there is a higher chance that they will buy it when they need it.

As recently as 2015, 30 percent of marketers in a survey said that explainer videos reduced the volume of customer support calls they received.

5. Showcasing testimonies

Studies have shown that peer reviews play an important role in the decision-making process of consumers. They feel more comfortable buying a product or service if another consumer has used it with positive results.

This is why a lot of businesses display evidence of satisfied customers on their website. While written reviews are great and have their place, nothing beats having the smiling face of a satisfied customer next to an image of your product.

In less than 3 minutes, you can pass on a more compelling message using videos than you could ever do with normal text reviews.

6. Vlogging

Since the early days of the internet, people have been using various different means to share their personal perspective with others. From blogging to social media, audio messages, podcasts and vlogging.

Vlogging opens up businesses to an exciting world of opportunities. It presents business owners with a chance to tell the world who they are and what they do. It also provides an opportunity to keep  visitors and customers entertained, educated and informed.

While a lot of businesses are still using the traditional method of making blog posts and social media updates, a lot more are adding consistent video updates to their repertoire of marketing strategies.

When you keep uploading interesting videos, you keep your viewers in a constant state of anticipation for what is coming next. You can also use this opportunity to advertise your brand. Imagine  one of your vlogs going viral? The amount of traffic it would generate would be felt for a long time.

7. Hiring the right people

It takes having the right people to grow a business, and the right video content can help you attract the right kind of people to your team. More and more businesses are  making use of video content in their recruitment process. These videos show potential candidates the working environment, and the work process. It also provides a medium for  top management to share the passion and vision that drives the business. This system is known for its effectiveness in attracting highly skilled and creative people to the workforce, as these types of people are more likely to appreciate the effort that went into producing the video.

Conclusion on how to use videos to grow your business

It’s important to note that videos not only attract customers to your business, but they’re also fun to produce. If you never thought of how to use videos to grow your business, it’s never too late to start. Join the trend and keep an ear to the ground for latest updates as well.

This blog article is courtesy of guest blogger James Cummings, chief executive officer of Daily Posts, a copywriting agency.