What are the fastest growing jobs and industries? [infographic]

The number of jobs will increase to 11.5 million by 2026. This stat is according to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are several major factors that will have an impact on the future of jobs.

Yet, the two most influential ones remain the rapidly changing demographics and the advancement of technology.

Demographic factors in the future of jobs

“Several occupational groups are projected to experience faster than average employment growth, including personal care and service occupations, community and social service occupations, and computer and mathematical occupations.” — U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

The biggest growth in job openings is expected to be in the healthcare industry. The progressively ageing population continues to create a demand for care-related services.

Simultaneously, due to the same reason, the labor force will become older as well as more diverse. This means that the future of jobs seems to open many opportunities for people with different backgrounds, skills, and knowledge.

Demographic factors such as age are not only going to influence the labor market but also they are going to create various employment opportunities.

For example, the specific traits of millennials and generation Z like their passion for travelling will have a big effect on the hospitality and leisure industry.

Another example of an industry where employment will increase thanks to the new generations is the waste management industry – the younger part of the population is concerned about the environment more than any other.

As much as demographics influence the future of employment, technology is still the dominant factor when it comes to the labor market.

Technological factors in the future of jobs

Technology is rapidly and constantly evolving. Every day new technological products enter the market. This has had its tremendous on the labor market as well. For better or worse, there are plenty of jobs that machines or robots will take over. Computers can take over many various tasks that require precision and attention to detail. However, there are still some qualities that people possess that machines don’t.

For instance, computers can’t replace human qualities such as empathy. Therefore, jobs in industries like elderly care or healthcare will have an increase thanks to the impact only a human being can bring. Due to the evolving demographics and technology, jobs in some industries will rise while others will fall behind.

Fastest growing jobs and industries

What are the fastest growing industries and skills required for each? Find out in the NovoResume infographic below.

Future of Jobs Infographic compressed

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