How to maximize the productivity of your meetings [infographic]

Meetings at your company can go two ways.

They can be long meetings that don’t cover what they should cover. Or they can be productive and collaborative meetings that bring people together to solve problems.

Everyone wants the second scenario. The problem is that the second one doesn’t happen all the time.

How can can we have more productive meetings?

Hint: it starts with a strong agenda.

By having a clear objective to guide your meetings, you can get to the point and don’t waste time.

In your meeting agenda, list out the topics the meeting will cover, how long the meeting will spend on each topic, who will be leading the overall meeting and each topic, define the level of importance for each topic (and the topic’s purpose and desired outcome)

It’s important to prepare before the meeting and list out the proposed process the leader will take in discussing the topics. For example, the agenda can include a couple of bullet points under each topic.

Another tip for drafting a meeting agenda: lead with questions.

When you list out a topic, ask questions in the bullet points. Ensure your agenda is brief and quick-to-read so people will look at it before the meeting and find it valuable.

At the end of the meeting, the leader of the meeting should quickly survey the participants to discuss how the meeting went and how it could be improved.

You’ll improve your meeting culture at your company by making sure each meeting has an agenda.

Check out this infographic below by The Business Backer to learn about how to maximize the productivity of your meetings.

Meeting Agenda Infographic compressed

This infographic was created by The Business Backer.