7 ways to improve your blogging performance [infographic]

Small changes to your blogging efforts can produce significant results.

By focusing on some key yet simple tactics, you can boost the reach of your blog articles and get more out of each blog article you publish.

Here are seven tips to help you improve your blogging performance:

1. Split test multiple titles

2. Add opt-in forms to your most popular blog content

This will increase your email list. Find your most popular blog articles and add links or forms to have your readers subscribe to your content.

3. Start social media conversations around your topic before writing the blog article

Start a discussion on social media about your topic. You will have a lot of great ideas to develop your blog article from the contributing commentators.

4. Schedule blog articles at peak times for traffic and engagement

Every day of the week is not created equal. Publish during the morning since that gets the most results. Also, publish during the week.

5. Get the word out immediately

Don’t wait. Start right away in promoting your blog article right after it is published.

6. Improve shareabitity with click to tweet links 

By strategically placing click to tweet links throughout your blog posts, you can increase shareability.

7. Interlink

Interlinking boosts your search engine optimization (SEO) value and directs readers to more of your content.

Efficient Blogging Tips

These effective blogging strategies can help improve your blogging performance and take little time to implement.

Check out this infographic below by Foundr to learn how these efficient blogging tips can boost your content return on investment.

blogging tips infographic compressed

This infographic was created by Foundr.