People love getting coupons, especially on social media [infographic]

Utilizing coupon codes and promo deals is a great way for your business to attract new customers. It can help you increase conversions and influence customer loyalty. According to recent research, 90 percent of consumers use coupons in some way. Coupon use is increasingly moving into the digital space. In fact, digital coupon redemptions are set to total $91 billion by 2022. Over half of consumers expressed a desire for all of coupons to be digital.

Capture your audiences attention with coupons

One of the best ways to capture audience attention is by using coupons on social media. Online shoppers look for coupons via this medium. Offering them is an effective strategy to gaining new social media followers and fans.

People love getting coupons via social media

There are three key types of mobile coupons you can integrate into your social media marketing campaign to drive conversions. They are:

1. Shareable deals

With 91 percent of Americans saying they’d share an exclusive offer with friends and family. Creating shareable deals is a great way to grow your audience.

2. Exclusive deals

Offering exclusive deals to followers on social media is one of the most effective way to gain new followers. In fact, 71 percent of consumers follow brands on social media to get coupons. The majority of consumers value exclusivity in an offer.

3.Planned events and holidays

Research shows that Americans want to hear when there’s a sale or a promotion, especially around holidays. Capitalize on this customer desire by promoting your coupons through social media.

Add coupons to your social media marketing campaigns

To help you begin integrating coupons into your social media marketing campaigns, Wikibuy created a coupons infographic. It highlights the important ways you can use coupons to drive customer purchases. Check out the full visual below to find out why people love getting coupons via social media.

Coupons and Social Media Infographic compressed

This infographic was created by Wikibuy.