The best times to post on social media [infographic]

More companies are utilizing social media for their digital marketing purposes. By posting more regularly on social media, your company can reach a broader variety of audiences. You can I eep your loyal customers up to date. Your social media efforts will help you boost your company profile online. However, each social platform utilizes different algorithms. For example, if you post too much or not enough, followers may not see your content that you worked hard to post.

Researching social media activities

The team at Unmetric analyzed 100 U.S. brands and their social media activities. Based on their research, you should post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on these days and times to the get most of every social media post.

Note: While this research is a good guide, the best time to post for your brand page must be calculated based on data specific to your audience, time zone and industry. You can do this research using owned analytics available on each social network and social media management tools.

The best times to post

Check out this infographic below by Unmetric to learn more about the best times to post on social media.

This infographic was created by Unmetric.