A daily, weekly and monthly social media checklist [infographic]

Do you feel like you accomplish a lot on social media? Are you spending enough time on social media? Do you a checklist for what to daily, weekly, and monthly?

With so many tasks to do, there is little time to focus on your social media strategy. Keeping up with the trends and managing social media daily is a constant challenge. It’s especially hard if you are not seeing the outcomes you want. To ensure you are improving your social media productivity beyond using social media management tools, a checklist is a great way to help.

Daily, weekly, and monthly social media checklist

You can allocate different parts of your social media to different days, weeks, or months. Here’s your social media checklist. Find out what to do daily, weekly and monthly.


  • Check and update your overall social media calendar
  • Reply to comments and questions
  • Discover trending hashtags
  • Find out what your competitors are doing
  • Monitor brand mentions, industry news and hot topics


  • Track the results of your campaigns
  • Synchronize with your team and people outside your immediate team
  • Create and schedule social media posts for the week


  • Create a monthly report of key performance indicators (KPIs), sales leads from social media, engagement, etc.
  • Compare your performance against your competitors
  • Conduct an audience analysis to make sure you are targeting the right people on social media

For additional checklist items, check out this infographic below by SEMRush.

Social Media Checklist Infographic compressed

This infographic was created by SEMRush.