How to come up with a good marketing plan [infographic]

Having a plan in hand can mean the difference between success and failure, whether it’s a plan for your personal life or your career.

The same can be said for business plans: When you fail to create one, you’re putting your company in jeopardy.

That’s why before a new year begins, business plans—including one for marketing—must be created. This will allow you to understand what steps you need to accomplish goals for the year when it comes to your marketing strategies—for instance, the campaigns you need to execute that will bring your company name into the mind of your target audience.

Why you should plan out your marketing strategies

A plan will also serve as a record of your past strategies that you can review to see which areas in your marketing should be improved or completely removed. Other good reasons for you to plan out your marketing strategies are:

  • To have a better understanding of your brand, including your customers (who they are and what their habits, strengths, and weaknesses are) and competition
  • To position your product or service and better capture your target market
  • To know which marketing or advertising platform to use and spread your message
  • To save time and resources
  • To improve risk management
  • To manage, monitor, and motivate your team

What you should have to draft your marketing plan

Make sure that you have the data you need before drafting your marketing plan. Here are the essential components to take note of:

  • Strong personal brand
  • A narrowly-defined target market
  • Key marketing strategies
  • Steps to meet your objectives, grouped by area and type
  • Proposed budget and opportunity
  • Schedule and deadlines

Despite sharing essential elements, not all marketing plans are created equal; there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The right system for your business will depend on the nature of your organization and its objectives.

Aside from this, you can also make sure that you can fulfill your plans by having a dedicated team. Having them undergo business training will help them be better equipped with the skills and understanding needed for the year.

This infographic below can be your step-by-step guide to drafting the right marketing plan for your business.

How to Come Up With A Good Marketing Plan Infographic compressed

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