How speed impacts your website [infographic]

Website speed is important.

How important?


Your website is expected to load quickly or website visitors will go to another website.

For example, take into account these stats:

  • 39 percent of people will leave a website if images load too long or don’t load at all
  • 75 percent of users wont’ return to a web page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load
  • For 46 percent of online buyers, checkout speed is the number 1 factor that decides if they come back to the website

Google has made page speed one of their key factors in SEO results.

It is one of 200 SEO ranking factors Google takes into account when showing search page results.

To check your website speed for free, go to the Google page speed insights test.

To further underscore how important website page load time, Hosting Tribunal put together this infographic below of stats and research about how speed affects your website.

Website speed infographic compressed

This infographic is created by Hosting Tribunal.