18 business books to read on your lunch break [infographic]

How many books can you read in a year? If you’re Bill Gates, the answer is around 50. If you’re more like the average American, though, you’re probably averaging around four to five. Far less impressive, right?

The fact is, reading is a crucial aspect of your development as an entrepreneur or professional. Not only does it educate you; it also has health benefits: Reading on a daily basis can reduce stress by up to 68 percent.

The problem is that many of us are so busy that we can never find the time. It’s important to fit in the reading we so desperately need. While your schedule probably won’t let up anytime soon, there is some good news. You can still manage to read if you learn to take advantage of the gaps in your day.

Find time to read a business book

If the most successful entrepreneurs find time to read, you an as well. Or maybe you have a different issue: You’re not sure what to read.

If you want to improve your skills and knowledge as a professional, then you need to read books. These books should be about relevant topics to you, your career, and your industry. For example, books that challenge your creativity as an innovator. Books can teach you money savviness so you can secure funding for your next small business venture.

Top 18 business books to read at lunch

To help you find the time and the right material, Fundera compiled a list of the top 18 business books you can read on your lunch break:

18 Business Books You Can Finish On Your Lunch Break

This infographic was created by Fundera.