10 books about mobile marketing you should read [infographic]

Mobile marketing is a complex subject. To master this discipline, you need to invest time building your marketing knowledge. There are many book recommendations to choose from and not enough time left on your schedule to read. How do you know which books won’t waste your time? Would you rely on a handful of hit or miss book reviews from strangers online? Or, are you wise enough to seek out what successful entrepreneurs, investors, and marketers recommend?

Mobile marketing books to read

These established experts can inform you about books not featured on the mainstream shelf. They’ll expose you to the strategies and ideas that regular people don’t know.

For example, Kris Fredrickson, the former benchmark investor of Uber and Instacart, recommends marketers and entrepreneurs read The Facebook Effect. The first and possibly last book of its kind, it’s the only book that Mark Zuckerberg personally authorized and cooperated to work with.

Another book, Getting Past No, by William Ury depicts the art of negotiation. Drew Houston, the founder and CEO of Dropbox recommends this book for people who desire to learn how to “discover what the other side really wants” in negotiating.

This book list in the infographic below by CleverTap provides you with a lot recommendations that experts recommend and essential books all marketers must read as well. Here’s the list of mobile marketing books to read.

This infographic was created by CleverTap.