How to repurpose your old blog posts [infographic]

You just created a valuable blog post that you are proud of. Congrats! But the work isn’t done. How do you ensure you make the most of it? Repurposing your blog posts months or years later can help you extend its shelf-life, and maximize its reach and performance. Your next version may catch even more attention than your current and drive more traffic to your blog.

Repurpose your old blog posts

Here are five simple strategies for repurposing your blog posts:

1. Create different format types

There are several media formats you can use to create a pieces of content from your original blog content. You can create social media post images, infographics or short videos to summarize your content.

2. Refresh your old content

Update your blog content with new stats and facts and then republish it again a year later. Refreshing your content extends the shelf life of your content.

3. Use more visuals

Visual content is more likely to get shares, likes, and comments than basic text messages. People remember visuals 65 percent longer than text. Therefore, by creating visual content, you can generate additional reach and bring more traffic from SEO and social media.

4. Write follow-ups and create a series

Take a successful piece of content from your blog and create a series focusing on the major aspects of it. The best types of blog posts provide an in-depth look so create multiple blogs posts from one single post. In other words, go deeper on specific sections of your original blog post.

5. Share and syndicate your content

Start by sharing your blog post on your social media channels and see if you can repurpose it for other blogs as a guest blog post.

Learn how to repurpose your blog posts in 5 ways by reading this infographic below.

how to repurpose your content infographic compressed

This infographic is created by blog2social.