50+ blog article ideas for your next one [infographic]

Are you looking for more blog article ideas? Do you want to add more variety to your blog posts and stop doing the same post over and over? Are you trying to avoid boring the readers of your blog? Scoop Industries put together some excellent tips and ideas for your next blog articles. This infographic below will help you come up with cool, innovative, and compelling ideas on what to blog about next.

NOTE: If these ideas don’t work, you can always use these free blogging tools to generate ideas.

Scoop Industries categorize ideas by:

  • Lessons learned such as “the best advice I’ve received on [insert the topic]
  • Tips and tricks like “the 10 minute fix to doing [insert the topic]”
  • Favorite topics such as “X favorite things you may not know about [insert topic]“
  • Business operations like “how I become a successful [insert your profession]”
  • Industry topics such as “X things you want changed in your industry”

50+ blog article ideas

For when you have no idea to what to write next, please check out the infographic below. It has more than 50 ideas for your next blog posts. Don’t let your writer’s block hold you back and not write anything. Get inspired with these ideas for blog posts.

Blog Ideas Infographic compressed

This infographic was created by Scoop Industries.