16 ways your B2B website can generate higher conversion rates [infographic]

Are you looking for ways to improve the performance of your website?

Do you want to know the web design factors that will lower your bounce rate?

How can you boost your conversion rate?

To ensure you are converting you website traffic to leads, it is important to work on conversion rate optimization (CRO).

The team at B2B Metric share their CRO tips for website success.

They provide tips, including these 10 that really stick out:

  1. Secure your site
  2. Speed is key
  3. Clear header
  4. Engaging call to action (CTA)
  5. Credibility power
  6. Succinct copy
  7. Video
  8. “Why” not “what”
  9. Images
  10. Mobile responsive

The infographic below outlines 16 tips to help you generate higher conversion rates and more sales from your website.

Conversion Rate Infographic compressed

This infographic was created by B2B Metric.