How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for social selling [infographic]

Are you looking to create the perfect LinkedIn profile so you are optimized for social selling?

To maximize your social selling, it is important that your LinkedIn is revamped and ready to go. As look to find prospective customers on LinkedIn and you learn more about them, they will be looking at your LinkedIn profile. They will be “sizing you up” to see if you are trustworthy, if they like what they see, and they would like to engage in a conversation with you. Ultimately, they will be judging your LinkedIn profile to see if they would like to do business with you.

In this infographic below by HubSpot, learn how to create a sales-focused LinkedIn profile. In others, is your LinkedIn profile optimized for social selling.

Here are some highlights of the infographic below:

  • Don’t just write your title, add a value proposition to your headline
  • Use a professional profile photo because photos elicit a higher response rate to your messages
  • Include your contact information such as email, phone, and your company’s website
  • Customize your public profile URL so it is shorter and you don’t have numbers in it
  • Add proven and powerful keywords to your LinkedIn about section or summary section
  • Display visual content in your summary (ideally two to four pieces of content works best)
  • Provide details in your experience section with your prospective buyer in mind – what do they care about?
  • List your honors and awards that you have received over the course of your career
  • Share articles with your network
  • Add your degrees and relevant certifications
  • Request LinkedIn recommendations and write amazing recommendations from your current or past colleagues

Optimize your LinkedIn profile for social selling

Check out the infographic below to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for prospects, not recruiters. The little things go a long way and can make a difference with your social selling efforts.

This infographic was created by HubSpot.