How to spring clean your social media profiles

Your online reputation has become very important in this day and age.

Whether you are crafting an image for your personal brand to help you with a job interview or creating an image for your brand to help with sales, social media is your golden ticket.

These sites allow you to control what others see because they let you highlight your best qualities.

On the flip-side, if you do a poor job of crafting your online presence, it could have a negative impact on your brand.

Chances are that you already have social media, so you should learn how to spring clean your social media and put your best foot forward online.

3 Social Media Websites You Should Update

To learn how to spring clean your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts, please follow the steps on these infographics below from Panda Security.

1. Facebook

Facebook does not have a good reputation these days.

Since their security breach in September 2018 that revealed the personal information of 50 million users, many individuals have deleted their profile. Others remain on the site because it provides a network of people that they otherwise wouldn’t be in contact with.

No matter your opinion on this site, there are precautions that should be taken to clean up your Facebook profile and make it secure.

how to spring clean your facebook graphic

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a site used by industry professionals as well as companies.

Optimizing a LinkedIn profile can help individuals find a job that’s right for them as well as help companies find quality employees.

This site asks for a lot of personal information, so it’s important that you not only make your profile as favorable as possible but that you make it secure as well.

how to spring clean your linkedin graphic

3. Twitter

Twitter is a site that allows people and companies to show off their personality. It has 321 active monthly users who send 500 million tweets each day.

The 280 character limit makes the tweets read as thoughts rather than long paragraphs like on the other sites.

Spring cleaning your Twitter account will ensure that these thoughts don’t come across as negative and hurt your reputation.

how to spring clean your twitter graphic

Spring Cleaning Starts Now

If you have an old social media account that you’d like to get rid of and start fresh or you want to update your social media profiles that you have been neglecting for awhile, be sure to look at what information these three social media apps track and how you can delete and/or update them. By spring cleaning your social media profiles, you can improve your online reputation and highlight your best qualities.