What are subliminal messages and how are they used in advertising? [infographic]

Various colors, shapes, or words make small but powerful associations between a brand and an intended meaning.

Brands such as Amazon or FedEx have mastered this even in just the logo. Subliminal messages are one way to create an association.

Subliminal ads come in any form – from logos and images to videos or text. It taps into your subconscious mind and repeated exposure forms a brand association. From hidden meanings or Easter eggs, subliminal messages are clever and impact customers across many mediums.

Customer perception not only affects your sales or business but the way potential customers think about your brand. Consider how you want your brand to be portrayed – humorous, reliable or friendly? It can be difficult to come up with new or engaging ways to excite your customers.

How subliminal messages taps your subconscious mind

For more on subliminal ads, the infographic by Valpak explores how a subliminal message taps into your subconscious mind. It covers the first subliminal ad, famous examples and practical tips for how your business can apply this tactic. Keep your customers excited, engaged and wondering what your brand is going to do next.

This infographic was created by Valpak.