How the psychology of color impacts branding [infographic]

How much does the psychology of color affect branding? Probably a lot more than we think. The visual creatures that we are, our purchase decisions are highly influenced by the colors used by a brand. Colors project a strong visual identity that connects viewers to a brand. They project emotions and impacts the way consumers perceive a brand.

How the psychology of color impacts branding

Find out how the psychology of color impacts branding. Here’s how:

1. No magic formula

Though there is no magic formula in creating a brand strategy. Certain principles can be used to create the required effect with specific colors in the company logo design and marketing of the brand. Colors used on the brand’s website and graphic designing may impact the effectiveness of the site. For example, just the color of a call-to-action (CTA) button may influence the number of clicks that a website gets, without changing anything else on that page.

2. Colors influence behavior

Understanding colors and how they influence the behavior and decision-making process of consumers are the foundation of building a company brand and can prove to be the difference between its success or failure.

3. It’s all about context

It’s not just the usage of a particular color and understanding the generalized association with it. Understand how a color can have different connotations depending on where it’s used. What is the tone of the color? Is there an image used along with it? What color is placed next to it? For example, it’s not necessary that yellow always appears to be bright and creative. Sometimes, it could be sickly and pale, depending on the way it is used.

4. The power of color simplified

Though psychology of color is a much deeper subject, this infographic below created by Vowels Advertising Agency provides the basic information on the study of colors and their impact on brands. It aims to provide this complex information in a simplified and interesting manner. Find out how color principles can be used in creative design and marketing campaigns.

5. Color assists in building a brand

This infographic explores the role of color in the psychology of marketing, keeping in mind aspects like the color theory, impact of colors, how they assist in building brands, most followed color strategies, design principles for using colors, how to appeal to the right demographic, and examples of colors used by top brands in their logo designs. It further expands on the knowledge of establishing a brand identity with specific data on the influence of colors on particular industries and demographics.

This infographic was created by Vowels Advertising Agency.