The role video plays in successful digital marketing

In this economic world, everyone wants to escalate their business productivity by promoting their services over the internet on various social media outlets and websites. Nearly 87% of marketers prefer to incorporate video content to grab the attention of visitors as one-third of the online activity is spent on watching videos instead of reading other content. Videos are a great way to keep your audience informed about various information and keep them entertained. Video plays a role in digital marketing.

Due to the increasing demand for video marketing, it is evaluated that by 2022, more than 82% of the customer traffic will be observed by the organizations, which will be 15 times more than the percentage in 2017.

It’s true that videos will reach new heights in the digital marketing era. If you are also looking for an efficient way to enhance your efforts, then start incorporating video content on social platforms to reach your potential customers directly.

The role video plays in digital marketing

In this article, you will get to know various reasons why video content is used as a social media strategy right now. Let’s get started on the seven ways that video helps with your digital marketing efforts.

1. Video boost conversation and sales

The primary objective of most companies is to increase their conversion rate. You might be one of them. Video content marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business and convert prospects into leads.

As per the research, adding videos on the landing pages will increase conversions by 80% irrespective of the category and type of video content. The better your conversion rate, the higher your business growth.

It’s as simple as that.

Do you know why? People prefer watching videos as it gives clear information and helps them in making a final decision without any hassle. 74% of people who watch explainer videos are likely to purchase a specific product. So, to increase your sales percentage and conversion rate, start creating videos.

2. Easy to explain

Various companies are unable to explain their services to their customers, which directly affects their business negatively. Do you want to increase your product sales? 98% of the people say that by watching explainer videos, they can learn more about the offered services and products.

Sometimes, there are difficult and tedious concepts that marketers think it a challenging task to express.

With the help of video marketing, one can represent the services or products simply and entertainingly.

Look at some tips which will help you to make good explainer videos.

3. Google prefers videos

You might be struggling to increase the ranking of your website. Isn’t it? Your struggles are over. If you will have a video on your website, then it is preferred more by your audience, as well as Goggle.  According to Moovly, you will be shown 53 times more on Google only if your website includes videos.

You can say that videos directly affect your search engine ranking. Therefore, if you want to see yourself in the top searches of Google, then get a stronger engagement level with the help of a video content marketing approach.

4. Video provides great ROI

Organizations are excited to get a good return on investment (ROI).  83% of the organizations using video content in their marketing strategy have observed tremendous growth in their ROI. There is no denying the fact that videos increase the sales cycle and explain the product clearly. But, the production of a video is not as simple as it looks.

You need to make the video simple, precise, and information so that the reader stays more on your site. You may use online video editing tools to improve the quality of the videos.

The better the video quality, the more visitors will stay, which will further increase your ROI. So, start making impressive and decent videos to see an escalation in your ROI.

5. Video builds customer’s trust

Videos also help you to build customer’s trust. There are no two opinions about the fact that faith is the foundation of every business. Once you can make your customer’s trust, you will experience massive growth in your business. Trust can be built by offering them excellent services and providing them useful and interesting information.

Videos can help you to engage and delight customers but also assists you to ignite the emotions of the audience.

In fact, 57% of the customers are more confidence to purchase a product after watching videos. So, get ready to build long-term relationships with the customers by uploading impressive videos over the web.

6. Video is more appealing to mobile users

When video and mobile are combined, it directly grows your business performance and keeps increasing the number of your potential customers. In fact, 90% of customers love to watch videos on their electronic devices, and the percentage of mobile users increases by 100% every year.

Rise of Mobile Video

Source: WordStream

It’s useful for the marketers because more will be the viewers, higher will be the business growth.

So, if you want to grab the attention of the people towards your branded content, then try to showcase your information in the form of videos as it’s a great way to catch the eyes of the customers.

7. Video encourages social shares

Videos are not just a great tool to express the information, but also a super-easy way to share the content with others. In fact, 92% of the users who watch videos over their mobile phones share it with others. Hence, video is shared the most as compared to other types of content.

Video sharing has a direct impact on your rankings and results. So, make sure you keep in mind that the quality of the videos should not be affected. Instead of sharing facts, you can share the emotions.

Try to create an entertaining video that builds not only the customer’s interest but also generates people’s interest with whom the video is shared. Therefore, always make the videos by keeping in mind that more will be the social share of your videos, higher will be the traffic to your website.

Smarphone Apps

Source: Omnicore Agency

A word of consideration about the role video plays in digital marketing

Video marketing can help all organizations grow their business as it is the most popular content form preferred by the viewers. Videos are not just affordable and easy to spread, but also provides meaningful information to all the viewers. More easily, they understand the concept, the more likely they will stick around.

This guest blog article was written by Chehak Wadhwa who is a creative head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ years of experience in designing and creating animated explainer videos. She has produced 500+ videos with her team including some of the well-known brands in the market like UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and Calendar.