How to improve your website conversion rates this holiday season

Increasing the conversion rate on your website won’t be possible by just creating different pages. With the holidays around the corner, your business can use various strategies to boost sales and revenue. The high traffic that this season brings can translate into numerous sales opportunities. Thus, it becomes quite a suitable time to optimize the conversion rate. In this blog article, let’s discuss how to improve your conversion rates this holiday season.

How to improve your conversion rates this holiday season

These five tips can help your company’s website drive traffic and increase the conversion rates for the holidays.

1. Engage with mobile customers

With technology being what it is, a new class of customers is stepping into stores. They are smarter and know how to use multiple channels to their advantage. The number of mobile shoppers is continuously increasing. It swells to even bigger proportions during the holiday sales season. Your website will see most of its traffic coming from the mobile devices.

Therefore, you will need to engage those customers. The most important thing to do in this regard is creating a mobile-friendly website. A mobile responsive site will ensure that for customers, every step converges into the perfect shopping experience.

2. Create content and encourage content creation

Focusing on creating brand-specific content may give some people tunnel vision.

Sure, that type of content has its uses. However, during the holidays, it is less about your brand and more about how people relate to it. Thus, you’ll need to give people what they want to read.

One way could be by creating content backing the happy spirit that your brand exhibits on the website and social media. For Christmas, for instance, a list of gift ideas would make for great content. By including your products on it, you can boost customer conversion rate easily. You may also put up shareable footage of a behind-the-scenes celebration at your office.

Even more importantly, begin conversations with your audience for ideas on content. Encourage them so that they will share their experience with your products. Create branded hashtags for such user generated content (UGC) to promote the trust people associate with your brand.

3. Take and put up great product photos

You may not have the budget to get a professional for this one. However, you can snap some shots yourself if you convert a corner of your storage space into a tiny photo studio. Look up ways on how to get the most out of the camera on your phone. For instance, only a 1600 pixel photo will allow for optimal zooming on most product pages.

High-quality photos can increase the likelihood of higher product sales. Moreover, learn how to create 360-degree spin images to increase conversion chances even more.

4. Create a live chat feature for your website

Halloween demands that scary decorations be bought. Thanksgiving will usher in requirements for new table settings that must be purchased. Either way, your customers will have questions to ask you about your products. Should they not be resolved with immediacy, you risk a slump in conversions.

Since you’ll already have a dozen or more things on your plate, answering queries may not make it to the top of your to-do list. Most customers will wait for an hour for a response – if that long — but not more. They will look elsewhere so they can have their needs met.

A live chat and support around the clock will go a long way in taking care of queries. Don’t have someone on your team dedicated for that role?

That’s okay; a chatbot can help boost those conversions. Infuse it with your brand’s values and secure even more purchases.

5. Appeal to wavering shoppers

No two consumers shop at the same pace. Some of them will begin looking for gifts as soon as November rolls in. Others will take their time and weigh the costs to find what they need. Still others will wait until work’s off for the holidays before they shop.

To appeal to them all, you will have to think of different ways to attract them. For your quick deciders, usually, a beautiful website and easy checkout will do the trick. On the other hand, the wavering shoppers will require more to be won over. The latter are also the ones who could really make the difference between good and great profits.

So, how can you nudge them into buying without losing them? You can do so by making saving easy. Fickle shoppers love special offers, so here are some strategies you can use to gain their attention:

  • Create an abandoned cart email campaign. Pre-populate it with a discount code link. We’d recommend making the products holiday-specific for best results
  • Announce the active sale announcements via a horizontal banner at the top of your website
  • Weave a pop-up coupon into specific website pages that appears for a set period of time, thus creating urgency

Parting thoughts on how to improve conversion rates this holiday season

You can try many other things, such as creating a gifts section on your website. Or, offer incentives, such as discount codes on it, to attract more customers. With the new holiday season almost here, following these suggestions will help prepare your store for the peak in your revenue report. We hope that this distilled version of our experience that has worked so well for thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs comes in handy. The best thing about this advice is that it will work for almost every niche market!

This guest blog article was written by Alma Causey, a freelance writer by day and a sports fan by night.