16 mistakes online merchants make and how to avoid them [infographic]

The constant growth of the internet and the rise in eCommerce giants have changed the game for modern-day business owners. Owning a business online may seem intimidating. It’s really not. It’s important to take your time, do your research, put in hard work, and dedicate to it consistently.

There are various positives to taking your business online. For instance, 24/7 customer service when using bots, or offering easy checkouts with one-click buys. With more and more companies realizing the tremendous value of switching their marketing and sales efforts strictly online. There are lessons you can learn from entrepreneurs who have makes an impact and took a dive into deep waters of the internet.

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Common mistakes that online merchants make and how to avoid them

Fundera has compiled 16 of the most common mistakes online merchants make and how to avoid them. Check out the infographic below to learn how you can also create or redesign your eCommerce platform for success.

16 Mistakes Online Merchants Make & How to Avoid Them

This infographic was created by Fundera.