7 mistakes to avoid when writing cold B2B emails

Believe it or not, writing cold emails is still an incredibly effective tool in a marketer’s box of tricks. Sure, there are now all-manner of cool new trends to attract customers, but that doesn’t mean some of the older options, such as sending out cold emails to other businesses, are now obsolete. Let’s discuss the common mistakes people make with their cold emails in the business to business (B2B) industry.

Mistakes to avoid with you cold B2B emails

But when making use of this method, ensure that you are not falling into any of these seven traps which still catch many marketers out.

Mistake #1. You are using poor subject lines

Your subject line is your one chance to get your email read. Fail here and your email won’t even be opened, making the contents within superfluous. So how do you write good subject lines?

Mistake #2. You are not personalizing the emails

Sending out generic emails is never a good look. ‘But I don’t have time to send out personalized emails to all my contacts!’ you may say, and you will be right. However, there are small changes you can make each time, such as using a contact’s name in the subject line, or using automating software which assists in personalizing otherwise generic emails. There is always a solution just within reach that will not entail you typing out hundreds of unique emails. That will never be necessary.

Mistake #3. You are not tailoring your language

Now these also does not mean that you have to write personalized emails, but instead means adapting your language to suit your audience. The tone of the email shouldn’t be too “salesy,” but instead should focus on the type of language that your niche audience will respond too. So, if they are technical people, use technical language, for example.

Mistake #4. The email is not correctly written and edited

Nothing smells of a lack of professionalism more than an email which is full of mistakes, both grammatically speaking, and in terms of spelling. Proofreading all of your emails before you send them, ensure that you make use of online editing tools such as those offered by the likes of PaperFellows and StateofWriting. These tools can greatly improve your success rate in terms of putting together concise, impactful, and accurate emails. An editing tool will make sure that your email is not too long too, which is a real cardinal sin of B2B marketing emails.

Mistake #5. You are not segmenting your emails

Within your contacts list, look to segment your emails depending on any number of demographics. Use these segments to then adapt your tone and style accordingly.

Mistake #6. You are not including a call to action (CTA)

Success! Someone has clicked open your email, and read it. But then, failure! You haven’t included a call to action that they can then react to in order for you to hook their interest. Don’t make this mistake!

Mistake #7. You think one email is enough

One B2B email is never enough: it’s just the start. Wait to see what the initial response it, and to those who reply, have a tailored response. To those who don’t the first time, don’t be disheartened, but have a second email that you use to approach a second time. Then a third. You can always try a different contact at the same company too, so the moral here is not to give up too easily, and you can expect to have to make the hard chase in this kind of approach.

Avoid these cold emails mistakes

There we have it: seven cold email traps you need to make sure you don’t fall into when sending out your cold B2B emails. It’s still a great approach, so go for it.

This guest blog article was written by Molly Crockett, a lifestyle and marketing writer at Boom Essays.