7 things an employer will search for in your digital marketing resume

Digital marketing has become a competitive world. If you want to gain an edge for yourself in this area, your digital marketing resume needs to stand out. Even though the digital marketing industry is quite tough, it presents a lot of opportunities. Luckily, jobs in digital marketing continue to rise with every recruitment cycle. You will be surprised the demand for employees outweighs the supply and what your potential employer will search for your digital marketing resume.

What an employer will search for in your digital marketing resume

If you aspire to join the digital marketing field, there are several items you should include in your resume to convince prospective employers to hire you.

Here is what an employer will search for in your digital marketing resume:

1. Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing

Online businesses rely on search engines to improve their visibility. Therefore, employers would love to hire somebody with search engine optimization (SEO) skills to create search queries for their businesses. In your resume, indicate that you are a professional marketer who has a track record in boosting search traffic to websites.

Also, inform the employer that you have knowledge about keyword research to help the audience in locating the items that they need.

Boost your prospects by listing additional skills under SEO. For example, guest posting and link building are complementary skills to entice the employer to consider your application.

2. Pay per click (PPC)

As you build your resume, remember no employer is interested in a marketer with little to no skills. Mention that you have knowledge of advertising and you can drive website traffic to the company’s website.

As a result, this means you should understand pay per click (PPC) platforms and how they function. For instance, you should be aware of all PPC advertising tools such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Business Ads.

Let your employer know that you can run PPC campaigns, including the reporting and analytics. You should consider re-evaluating whether to send a video resume to showcase these skills. Management of PPC bids and optimization of your ads will enable you to earn more confidence and impress your future employer.

3. Email marketing

One of the top channels for digital marketing is email marketing because of its high returns. On average, one dollar spent will earn the company 40 dollars. If you present yourself as an email marketer, the company is likely to hire you.

If you wish to apply for a digital marketing job, ensure you have experience with email marketing platforms. Apart from this, you must be a planner and strategist with an idea in copywriting so you can write compelling content. Skills in graphic design will give you an upper hand.

4. Social media management

Digital marketing relies extensively on social media. Today, about 95% of customers will visit social media platforms to find their products. This means that companies are transforming their operations to have a significant presence in the social space.

In drafting your digital marketing resume, inform employers you have the skills to manage social media audiences and can translate them into customers.

For you to meet the demands of your future employer, you will have to show you have a deep understanding of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Are you able to create engaging posts?

5. User experience

Any organization who is pursuing digital marketing success will adopt user experience to establish interactions that customers have with their brand. Your digital marketing resume should indicate you are a professional who can identify and boost such interactions.

For you to be able to perform this function, you should be well versed in web design and languages like PHP Java, among others. The employer will also be interested in hiring a candidate who has knowledge in conversion optimization, list building, and landing page builds.

6. Certifications and awards

After mentioning your skills, employers are interested to see documents that confirm that indeed they are true. As you attach them, they will inspire confidence, and your prospects of getting the job are improved.

For each certification, you present, ensure that they are referenced. You will stand out among other interviewees. Digital marketing is a wide field where you can get certification in any of the fields.

Watch out for the specific discipline that will have been advertised. If you qualify, present your credentials. If you have more qualifications and the advertisement is open-ended, just present all your papers to increase your chances of landing the job.

One more advantage of presenting professional certifications is that the employer will view you as a potential learner who has the capacity to grow with the company. If you have won an award before, attach copies alongside your resume. They will inspire the employer to believe in your work ethic.

7. Proper formatting

You may have all the best attributes written on your resume, but the final presentation could mess you. Therefore, do not overemphasize fancy features. It makes the employer imagine you don’t care about little things.

Make sure that your text is clear and easy to read. Divide your resume into small paragraphs with subheadings. You can add a little color to your fonts, but the main text has to be black. Too much color will distract the reader.

Employers want certain skills in your digital marketing resume

It would be best if you tried your luck in the ever-growing industry of digital marketing. You will realize that you can have the fastest growth in your career. Apart from chasing your financial dreams, you will build a huge network that boosts your social life. Building your digital marketing career begins with basic steps that require you to write credible resumes. Employers in the digital marketing industry are very specific about the skills that employees must have.

Take some time and learn the skills so that you stand better chances of winning employment opportunities. In every company that you work, strive to keep a better record because the experience improves your resume. Create a good relationship with past employees because they have a role to play in your next duty. The digital industry is too competitive; how you package yourself is the secret of survival.

This guest blog article was written by Jennifer Broflowski, a professional writer who has had impressive success in sharing her stories on creating best performing resumes. She is currently an executive assistant at CraftResumes where she focuses on helping job-seekers land their jobs through writing comprehensive resumes.