7 tools to edit videos and photos professionally and creatively

There are many reasons why we may need programs to edit videos and photos online for free. Whether for personal use or to use in your company or business, knowing which are the best editors to retouch images and the most useful programs to edit videos with photos (or from scratch), can get you out of more than one trouble.

Why do you need a good photo editor?

Offering high-quality images that represent you as a professional or corporate brand is essential in any sector. In this sense, thanks to a professional image editor, you can:

  • Eliminate excess light or glare from any photo
  • Modify colors or remove backgrounds from images
  • Use gradients or many other visual effects
  • Crop and improve the appearance of any type of photography
  • Delete those elements of the image that you are not interested in showing

Not to mention, of course, what an online video editing program can do for you if you are thinking of improving or professionally editing your personal or corporate videos.

Tools to edit videos and photos online

Deciding which is the best free video and photo editor is not a simple task. However, in the case of image editing, we find it very interesting to be able to offer you a selection of those that we consider the best programs to retouch images online (some even free):

Best tools to edit photos

1. Pixlr X

As an online photo editor, Pixlr stands out for being able to be used from any browser, without having to download any program or software. Although, of course, using this program to retouch images will allow you to enjoy many more functionalities than its online version. Even so, even the simplified version deserves to be commented on in this list:

  • It is especially indicated for small projects where speed and simplicity take precedence over everything.
  • This online image editor runs rapidly and offers the tools that are considered basic in any photo editing task.
  • In addition, it has a varied selection of free effects and filters that will not leave you indifferent.

Remember that, specifically, on Instagram, using variants in your photos is almost a necessity, and if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors and most users, it is ideal that you make use of online photo editing applications.

2. Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop, considered by many to be the best photo editor on the market, is out of reach for many smaller budgets. That is why free official alternatives have been developed, such as Photoshop Express.

As you might expect, it is not possible to compare the paid version with the free one, but the latter can be used to carry out the most basic tasks. Making collages, rotating or cropping images, and modifying adjustments such as brightness or saturation are some of them.

Note: If you are looking for an economically intermediate option between the original Photoshop and its free version, we recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can get it for about half of what its predecessor costs, and it is considerably more powerful than Photoshop Express.

3. Gimp

We can say that Gimp is the quintessential competitor of Photoshop. In fact, this photo editor was born no more and no less than 24 years ago.

Over time it has been improving its interface, to become a very efficient option. Although it does not have all the tools offered by its competitors, it is quite complete and very easy to use.’

4. FotoJet

Another useful photo editing program is FotoJet. It is an all-in-one platform specifically designed to create collages, design graphics, and edit images that will later be used on social networks.

If you or your company often need graphic content for this type of media, FotoJet will undoubtedly be able to help you optimize it.

The best tools to edit videos

Creating free videos is possible today, thanks to the many solutions that exist. Among all of them, we recommend the following:

1. FlexClip

If you are not an advanced user and you are only looking for a program to make videos with photos and music, you are in luck. FlexClip offers a video editor that will be sufficient for this and other tasks. It is extremely easy to use and has the elements that are considered basic for the most basic video editing. And you will love the results.

  • Easy and free to try. You don’t need to download additional software as FlexClip works online in your browser.
  • It offers over one million pieces of stock media choices, including photos, video clips, and music tracks.
  • You can add filters, transitions, animations, adjust video speed, add text, and make other edits as you need.

2. Openshot

As one of the most outstanding online video editing applications, Openshot offers many possibilities. It is free to download, and you will learn how to use it in a few minutes. One of its advantages is that it is possible to edit the same file in different operating systems. In addition, it allows its users, among other things:

  • Import content just by dragging it into the application.
  • Edit the size of the clips.
  • Make rotations, trim, or add transitions.
  • Insert 3D effects or add subtitles.
  • Edit the sound of the videos.

3. Avidemux

Among the best programs to edit videos, many opt for Avidemux without hesitation. We are talking about a free software editor that also makes cross-platform work possible.

Everything expected of a free video editor is offered by Avidemux:

  1. It supports all formats.
  2. Being constantly reviewed freely by users, it presents very few errors.
  3. Furthermore, improvements and new functionalities are introduced quite frequently.

What tools to edit videos and photos would you add to this list?

What is your experience using video editing programs and applications to retouch photos? Tell us your favorite tools to edit videos and photos in the comment section below.

This guest blog article was written by Bray Jon, a technology geek who works at FlexClip and likes all types of new technology and writes articles about how-to, tips & tricks. His greatest pleasure is to share creative ideas to inspire others.