10 of the best collaboration tools for digital marketing teams

Are you going to start working with a remote digital marketing team? If yes, then you should first get prepared to address the challenges remote working may pose in front of you. Only then, your digital marketing plan can be fruitful. To help you overcome today’s challenges, it is important to use collaboration tools so your digital marketing teams can thrive in a fast-pace and unpredictable world.

According to a study published in Harvard Business Review, remote employees can feel left out if you don’t go the extra mile to make them feel connected. How can you build connections and trust with your remote team? The only way to do so is to collaborate with your remote workers efficiently.

The best collaboration tools for digital marketing teams

In today’s article, I’m going to discuss 11 of the best remote collaboration tools for digital marketing teams so you can make your remote team feel more connected. Without further ado, let’s dive into the tools.

1. Slack

Slack is a team messaging tool that brings all workplace communication in one place. You can set up separate channels for different teams and varying communication needs, all within a single platform. And it facilitates one-to-one communications, too. Along with instant messaging, Slack supports instant file sharing from cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox. It also integrates with remote collaboration tools like Evernote, Trello and Zoom among others.

With Slack, you can communicate ideas among your digital marketing teammates, share files and receive feedback in real-time.

2. Zoom

Zoom is a communication tool, which connects teams across borders through high-quality audio and video conference calls. It also allows members to share their screens. Participants can then use the on-screen annotation tools to draw and highlight content. And you can save the annotated screen or record the entire call for later reference.

With Zoom, you can schedule recurring team meetings, hold strategy sessions and organise webinars with a single tool.

3. G Suite

G Suite is a group of cloud-based remote collaboration tools built by Google. Each team member can have a custom email address, and they can collaborate in real-time with Docs, Sheets and Slides. G Suite also has communication tools like Hangouts Meet and Chat to connect with your team from anywhere. And this software suite also helps boost team productivity through shared Calendar, Drive space and Keep notes.

With G Suite, you can share ideas, collaborate on files in real-time, and schedule and take meetings around the globe.

4. Trello

Trello is a team management tool to help you distribute tasks among team members, organise the workflow and track the progress of individual projects. It uses a system of shared boards, cards and lists to outline and prioritise day-to-day tasks. Trello allows the team to put up creative ideas for later implementation, discuss editorial calendars and also keep an eye on the to-do lists. It is flexible, and it arranges everything in a manageable way.

With Trello, you can have private boards to track your business goals, along with shared boards for client projects side by side.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is a workflow management tool to bring all team members on one page. With a bunch of features like to-do lists, calendars and file-sharing, it helps members keep track of work progress, along with individual responsibilities and priorities. Basecamp allows you to divide the work into different projects. And every project has separate message boards, shared files and work schedules. It also integrates with other remote collaboration tools to help you automate tasks and organise your workflow neatly.

With Basecamp, you can keep all the files, information and related processes together for a smooth collaboration.

6. Nextiva

Nextiva is a cloud phone system allowing team members to communicate with each other. Along with secure audio conferencing, it provides video conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing facilities for seamless remote digital marketing team collaboration. Nextiva also offers sales and service CRM solutions, which allows you to have all the business communications in one place.

With Nextiva, remote teams can meet online and discuss ideas securely anywhere they are.

7. Evernote

Evernote is a tool to take notes and share information with team members in real-time. You can add relevant links, images and files within the note to keep all the ideas and research material together. And the notes can be synced with others in the team.

The software comes with a variety of inbuilt templates allowing you to create meeting notes, make checklists and track campaigns among other tasks. Evernote also integrates with tools like Google Drive, Slack and Microsoft Teams to make remote working easier.

With Evernote, you can capture and organize information from your team around the world.

8. Loom

Loom is a video messaging tool. And it minimises the need to schedule meetings. Instead of sharing lengthy back-and-forth emails, or hour-long meetings, team members can record and share videos for updates and queries.

Loom videos allow recording of the screen alongside to share team strategy and feedback on projects or explain a concept visually. For instance, if your digital marketing team wants to explore the opportunities in contextual marketing, you can use a Loom video to explain the concept and the required strategies. It also provides features to quickly edit and trim the recorded videos.

With Loom, remote teams can communicate more effectively wherever they’re working from.

9. Krisp

Krisp is a noise-cancelling app that is a boon to remote team collaboration and communication. It is easy to set up, and it mutes background noises of both users irrespective of the headsets, speakers or microphones being used. Krisp can be used with many communication apps and conferencing tools including Zoom, Google Meet and Skype.

With Krisp, you can communicate better with your remote team, making way for more productive meetings.

10. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a time tracking tool designed to facilitate remote collaboration. It allows team members to log time whether creating content, setting up campaigns or interacting with clients.

The software comes with alerts, regular screenshots and other features like custom reports to keep a watch on the time spent and boost the productivity of the user(s).

With Time Doctor, you can make your team more accountable while they’re on work.

Collaboration tools for digital marketing teams are critical to success

With so many remote team communication tools available at hand, remote collaboration doesn’t have to be a headache. Your team members, wherever they are, can be on the same page, function remotely and deliver results. Pick the tools from the above list and start boosting the productivity of your remote digital marketing team.

What about you? What remote collaboration tools do you use on your digital marketing team?

This guest blog article was written by Espie Vidal-Vinas, who is a blogger, writer, and content specialist for TimeDoctor.com, a productivity app that allows you to work anytime, anywhere. She is also a musician.