How to write more engaging blog articles [infographic]

Are you looking for ways to improve your blog writing skills? Do you want your blog articles to be more appealing to your readers? Do you want to convert more leads from your blogging and content marketing efforts? Let’s discuss how you can write more engaging content. There are some important writing secrets you should know to successfully generate and convert leads via your website.

How to get more leads from your blog posts

Here are my favorite 15 tips from the list of 21 ideas below:

  1. Use a modern website design
  2. Establish a tone
  3. Create compelling introductions to your content
  4. Cut out the sales message and focus on your customers and prospects
  5. Use strong call to actions (CTAs)
  6. Ask thought-provoking questions
  7. Use benefit-driven headlines
  8. Make your content skimmable
  9. Make your content interactive and fun
  10. Get creative with your imagery
  11. Give the facts
  12. Add humor
  13. Become a better storyteller
  14. Don’t try to sound smart
  15. Keep your end results in mind

Write more engaging blog articles

Check out the infographic below from Manage Inbound for helpful insights on how to write more engaging blog articles. When you write more compelling blog posts you increase your changes of converting a visitor into a lead who want to buy your company’s products and services.

This infographic was created by Manage Inbound.