The top psychological factors of brand awareness and trust [infographic]

In a world saturated with endless amounts of brands, products, and services, you need to stand out to be successful. Brand awareness and trust have become key differentiators when competing for brand loyalty and clients. Customers should bond with your organization. Your company should be top of minds when your customers and prospects need the products or services you company offers.

In short, brand awareness helps companies facilitate trust in the same way that human-to-human relationships rely on trust. Once a brand has a reputation for being the best in the business, consumers will be more likely to see it as an authority in its industry. This can immediately give way to easier, better-qualified leads in the buyer journey.

Building this trust and brand awareness, however, isn’t always easy. In fact, just 34% of consumers trust most of the brands they use. That means there’s a lot of opportunity for companies to form fruitful relationships with customers.

Top psychological factors of brand awareness and trust

How do you do increase your brand awareness and earn the trust of your customers and prospects? Consider the following:

  • Build awareness through content: High-quality content, such as blogs and videos, are usually seen as valuable when they address consumers’ pain points and offer solutions to their needs. If you can do this consistently, you are more likely to attract your audience’s attention.
  • Increase engagement via social media: You need to meet customers where they are, which is probably on social media. Your social media efforts provide you with the opportunity to interact with people in a more personalized manner. Converse with them on threads, interact in private messages, and thank them when they comment or share your social content.
  • Be a thought leader: Thought leadership has the potential to increase brand recognition in your field because you could be seen as a reputable professional.

Want to learn more about the psychological factors of brand awareness and trust, and how they can help you gain a competitive edge? Be sure to view the accompanying infographic.

This infographic was created by Crestline.