Work smarter, not harder: using AI to boost productivity [infographic]

For most, artificial intelligence (AI) is something you’d expect to find in movies where gigantic scary cyborgs are attempting to take over the planet. However, AI is a lot more accessible to us than we might think, especially in business.

Modern-day technology is progressing at a seriously rapid rate. As a result, there are a lot of ways AI can improve your day. Simplifying procedures such as recruitment, task management and also things like information research and analysis. Clever tech is fast becoming a go to resource when it comes to boosting the productivity of a workforce.

Can Artificial Intelligence replace human employees?

Basically, no. AI does have its constraints. While using AI might be frowned upon or maybe even feared by some, what we’re really seeing today is a way for businesses to actually boost workplace productivity. It’s an opportunity to effectively and efficiently manage employees. AI enables staff to take better care of the routine, laborious tasks that most people dislike doing.

If anything, it’s likely AI is making things even more human by giving staff the space to breathe and develop in areas they may not have been able to before. It improves mental health and a happier, more content workplace as a result.

What will the relationship between AI and businesses look like in the future?

Combining business with AI appears to be unavoidable, whether we like it or not. As an increasing number of businesses come to rely on technology and automation to function. To prevent it could mean you start to fall to the back of the race.

Organizations who have integrated AI into their workflow strategy already make substantial gains when it comes to productivity, precision and growth. All despite worry it might put an end to human employees.

Roles that are typically lengthy, resource-intensive, or tedious, are now transforming.They are now more dynamic, more highly-skilled roles with a far better work-life balance. Essentially, Artificial Intelligence can give you the chance to focus more attention on the good stuff. This gives staff further opportunity to do things they enjoy both professionally and personally.

How can Artificial Intelligence help?

It’s estimated that as few as 23% of businesses have integrated AI into their processes, according to Forbes. Within the next couple of years, the AI market will increase by 50%. No matter what size your company is, it can be taken advantage of.

Using AI to boost productivity

In this infographic below, Adzooma highlights ways you can incorporate AI into your business to boost productivity. Let’s dig a bit deeper.

This infographic was created by Adzooma.