How to build relationships virtually [infographic]

Working remotely has become the new normal for many people across the globe in 2020. It provides a way to continue business while maintaining safe social distances. While working from home solves many physical distancing issues, as one may expect, remote work presents some unique challenges of its own. How do you build strong relationships virtually?

Working virtually brings new distractions from Fluffy and Fido, a lack of community and culture due to minimal social interaction opportunities, and a variety of new communication issues. Thankfully, there are many great resources and technologies that can help alleviate some of these novel difficulties.

How to build strong relationships virtually

Video calls are a great tool to use in the workplace to better communicate. Video conferences promote team collaboration. It minimizes messages that may be misunderstood. Why? It provides us with the ability to see facial expressions and body language.

Video calls are also great because they hold peers more accountable than the typical conference call on the phone. Unlike the phone, a video call provides a place where everyone can see if their peers. Are your peers tired and nodding off? You can see when something in their environment distracts them. You see if they are working outside or at their desks. When you see one another, it represents like seeing them face to face in person at work. It will energize your employees. They will be more alert, focused, and prepared for meetings. 

Overcoming the awkwardness of virtual calls

A major downside of video calls is that they can sometimes feel a bit awkward when first beginning. One may find it challenging finding the right time to ask a question, how to build a culture with their colleagues, or something as simple as how to introduce oneself. 

Best practices for

From hosting group activities like a lip-syncing battle to creating a break-out Zoom room, there are quite a few practices that can help make some of these uncomfortable moments more tolerable. For some more ideas on how to foster better connections when meeting virtually with your colleagues, read this infographic below and consider implementing some of the following suggestions.

This infographic was created by Great Business Schools.