5 creative lead generation tactics to explore now

Customer retention has always been in the spotlight for most modern-day companies. Lead generation and customer acquisition are also top priorities. After all, getting creative when appealing to your target customers allows your brand to leave a powerful first impression. Above that, to set the tone of those long-lasting relationships. It’s your creative lead generation tactics that will help you define how those customer relationships will evolve. They will also determine whether or not you’ve captured each customer’s attention for the long haul.

That is why more brands are now turning to smart, effective, and creative lead generation tactics. They do this to reap the rewards of earning customer trust from the get-go with the right approach and defining these relationships as early as possible.

5 creative lead generation ideas to consider

Here are a few of the most potent ideas to generate more leads. They will help you establish yourself as an industry thought leader, and keep your customers eager and interested from day one. 

1. Join online discussions and forums 

Sometimes, you cannot wait for people to come to you if you want to expand your customer base. Instead of traditional and often pushy tactics, you can generate leads by building your presence in different places online and offline where your target demographic spends their time. 

For example, by spending time in online forums and trusted platforms such as Quora. You can provide your professional and industry-tested views, help people looking for advice, and thus slowly build up your reputation while also disseminating relevant links bringing more people to your blog. 

2. Use your domain name

Your website is, by far, the greatest lead-generating machine you can possibly leverage to your advantage. However, you can only use it successfully if you create the kind of content that your target audience values. And if you use different means to open a line of communication with your visitors. From using live-chat and chatbots, all the way to creating CTAs and customized forms across your site, you can use your digital platform to generate more leads.

For starters, you can even choose a domain name that inspires action, and that combines the power of a trusted extension with an effective name. For instance, you can combine the trusted .me domain extension with a keyword that serves as a CTA such as “buy”, or “select”, or “click”. This will build up that necessary trust for website visitors to take action. It will also allow you to leverage every single aspect of your site to generate leads. 

3. Offer free workshops and courses

Humans love presents, so it’s only natural for brands to use this freebie-loving trait of ours in order to attract more people over time. However, while actual, physical giveaways are always welcome, you can provide amazing learning opportunities through workshops, quick seminars, and learning sessions. 

They are not just brilliant for generating leads. They also don’t establish your brand as the industry authority and a name that can be trusted in your field of work. Choose topics that are related to your expertise, as you can offer the most value in those specific areas. 

4. Organize AMA live-stream sessions

AMA stands for ask me anything. This is a perfect introduction to any brand, helping people get to know the people behind your business, and to truly ask anything. Setting up these question and answer (Q&A) sessions can be great for inviting industry experts you already collaborate with, bringing in specific in-house professionals that are building your brand, all in an attempt to create potent discussions and engage your followers. 

These AMA sessions are great for short-term exposure. When conducted right, they can also help generate leads that will turn into long-term customers. It’s important to choose relevant and trending topics, guide the conversation in the right direction, and time them according to your followers’ online preferences. 

5. Put reviews to good use 

Your existing customer base isn’t a separate category compared to the people you have yet to impress with your business. The satisfied customers you’ve had over the years are a great source of inspiration and trust for potential customers. Publish reviews and testimonials on your website. Also, allow for reviews on social media and Google will help you with your lead generation processes.

When you ask for customer reviews, you simultaneously strengthen those existing bonds by validating their view of your business. You also create a foundation for other potential customers to trust your business. Different kinds of reviews can focus on different aspects of your journey. You can use specific surveys to generate those reviews. Publish them across different platforms to inspire more trust and bring more people your way.

Be patience with your creative lead generation tactics

Much like customer retention and providing stellar customer service at every touchpoint, the very beginning of each customer’s journey depends on how skilled you are to bring in new leads. Refining your lead generation strategy can take some time and will require adjustments. With the right creative ideas to support your efforts, you’ll be able to expand your customer base. It will help you instill trust in the people who begin using your services or products. It will help you build up your reputation one strategic step at a time. 

This guest blog post was written by Elaine Bennett who is a digital marketing specialist focused on helping startups and small businesses grow. Besides that, she’s a regular contributor for Bizzmark Blog and writes hands-on articles about business and marketing.