Reasons why you should boost your website page speed [infographic]

There are so many things that your website should be for your business to be successful and achieve its goals. How your website looks overall is very important. People appreciate websites that look great.

Even more important is the ease at which visitors can navigate it. The more convenient your website is to explore, the better your chances of people staying longer on your pages.

The one thing that spells the difference between visitors exploring your website more and bouncing to another website is the load speed.

How fast do your website pages load?

Considering that just about everyone seems to be in such a hurry in whatever they do today, it only makes sense for the pages of your website to load fast.

Pages that take no more than two seconds to load are considered speedy. While those that load for much longer than that are slow ones that don’t deserve any further exploring. How great your website looks, or how good your content is doesn’t matter if your pages take forever to load.

Page load speed isn’t only crucial to making people stay on your website. Google has long said that page speed is a ranking factor, which makes performing page speed optimization a must.

It’s just a good thing that there are several ways that you can boost your page load speed. Instead of using large images, for example, compress and optimize them. This should make them lighter without compromising their quality.

You can also minimize or even do away with the use of custom fonts, the size of which slows down page load speed. Simplifying your website design should also help.

Reasons why you should boost your website page speed

Check to out the infographic below to learn more about the reasons your website’s page load speed needs to increase.

This infographic was created by SEOphoenix.