How to improve landing page conversions with better copywriting

With the right words, you can increase the conversion rates on your online store. However, it is not enough to put together some fancy words together if you wish to improve conversion. The content of your copywriting will depend on your product, brand, or target audience. If it’s relatable, funny, describe your product and makes perfect sense to your reader, it helps them take action more easily.

The target area to place your high-converting copy is very important. Your landing page is the best place to start. The goal for creating the right copy for your landing page is to engage visitors to stick around and make a purchase. It could also be to ask visitors to drop their details, subscribe or any other thing that qualifies as conversion.

How to write better landing pages that convert

Now, let’s consider how to write landing page content that converts readers and delivers sales. There are six things to do.

1. Capture your readers with a captivating headline

Your headline says it all when it comes to tips for landing page optimization in 2020. Your website visitors will most likely not read the copy on your landing page. They are more likely going to skim and scan through the content. Stats show that your target audience is five times more likely to read the headline than the body copy. So what you need to do with the copy for your landing page is come up with a killer headline. Also, you can take note of these tips when creating a headline to help convert the non-readers:

  • Keep your headline to 10 to 15 words.
  • Your headline should be bold and clear.
  • It should capture the essence of your product or service.
  • It should deliver a promise, for example, cheap prices, exceptional quality, or ease of use.
  • The headline should draw the reader into other parts of your landing page. For instance, you can add some curiosity to create a sense of anticipation and need.

2. Don’t just tell your audience, show them how

This is vital for a product or service that requires a demonstration of the best form of usage. So rather than sticking to just words, it helps to augment them with visuals. Video marketing statistics show an increased consumer preference for online videos. Hence this makes videos crucial to your marketing strategies and bringing your product to life on your landing page. You want your target audience to get a vivid perspective of the benefits of your product.

Besides using videos to show you can also make use of animation. It works for when you’re on a budget and can’t shoot a demo video. Animations can fit snugly into your landing page. In a few seconds, you can clearly outline your brand’s value proposition amusingly.

3. Establish trust and credibility

After showing your product or service benefits, you can take it a notch higher by building customer trust. Repeat customers and referrals can help improve conversions. To build on this category of customers, they need to be reminded that your brand will deliver on your promises. 

Remember that your target audiences have several brands like yours vying for their attention online. To sway your audience towards your product or service, they need to trust you. Beyond the gimmicks of advertising, a well-written landing page copy is relevant and solves a need. Thus, copywriting helps you to establish your authority and increases your trust factor.

4. Tell a relatable compelling story

Another trend in copywriting for online marketing is storytelling. Brands are compelled to embrace storytelling to engage their target audience on an intense emotional level and improve conversion. A copy of a well-written story first outlines customer problems or pain points, letting them know you understand. Then it provides solutions, and this where you pitch your product.

The transformation of these stages in your story gives your audience a glimpse of experiencing your product. This way, your audience connects more with you when you are relatable to their challenges. When creating a copy of your story for the landing page, the following tips can help:

  • Your story should be easy to read at first glance or listen to and void of any ambiguity.
  • Keep the story short and concise.
  • Begin the story with an introduction. A simple intro works perfectly.
  • State the challenges and proffer the solutions.
  • Provide specific and relatable examples. Use examples that are personal to convey your message.
  • Round up your story copy with a call-to-action.  

5. Include customer testimonials and brand endorsements

A very powerful conversion copywriting technique is to let our existing customers do the writing. Your audience is more inclined to purchase from your online store when they encounter honest and credible reviews or testimonials. Most especially when it comes from previous customers. This is clear from a review survey that states that 92% trust their peers over traditional advertising. It shows them the possible experience they can get using your product or service.

Therefore, adding customer testimonials to your landing page is a great way to improve conversion rates. However, the crucial takeaway here is to make sure that your reviews are genuine. You can gather your testimonials by asking customers to drop their reviews or ratings on your website. You can also use credible customer review websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, or Amazon customer reviews for your page reviews.

Once you’ve gotten your testimonials for your high-converting landing page, place them front and center. A picture of the customer can, likewise accompany the quote. 

6. Ask your page visitors to take an action using the call-to-action (CTA) buttons

Another technique to improve conversion on your landing page is to create CTA buttons. If you don’t ask your page visitors to take action, your conversion rates won’t likely improve. A CTA button’s beauty is that it is a part of a landing page that people actually read.

Hence your copy should be a build-up of the step you want them to take towards conversion. And when creating your CTAs, try not to make them too bland, like writing, “click here.” Rather, provide more specific details on the action you desire people to take. For instance, you can make use of CTAs like “Click to Sign Up,” “Claim Your Free Guide Now,” or “Start Your Free Trial,”

Try to experiment using different CTAs and positions. And split test your copies to see the words that bring you the highest conversion rates.


If you wish to improve your conversion rates, you need to start with a killer copy for your landing page. Besides the words you use, there are other factors to consider, like your headlines, storytelling and visuals. You want to build trust, and one way to do this is to provide customer testimonials. Finally, the build-up to improving your landing page’s conversion should include a copy that leads your page visitor to take action.

This guest blog article was written by Frank Hamilton has been working as an editor at essay review service Online Writers Rating. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.