3 easy ways to improve your ad ranking

The worldwide online competition hasn’t excluded ads and their rankings. These are the keys that help the companies ensure higher positions on social media, have more visitors, and more sales. For the business owners, having a higher ad rank is a matter of saving money and receiving more income. On the other hand, there are companies that spend a lot of money on ads, because of their low ranks, the results are not satisfying. To escape being included in the last series of companies, there are some easy tricks to increase your ad rankings, and improve your performance and ratings.

What is ad rank?

Ad Rank is the position that the ad occupies on a given paid search results page. The better ad quality you have, the higher rank you will possess. Google uses this ad rank to determine which ad to show you first, second, third, and so on.  Every time someone types anything into Google, the engine is going to give an advertiser a quality score for how relevant their ad is if we click through on it, and how informative and useful their landing pages are. Some historical campaign metrics such as click-through rate will also be taken into account. Google wants to make sure they are giving people the most useful information.

Google gives advantages to advertisers who create really relevant advertisements, use ad extensions really well, have good landing pages based on the keywords that people are typing in, have organized campaigns that have a superb click through rate (CTR) over time. For such companies, pay per click (PPC) discounts are available.

There are several factors which specifically influence the ad rank. 

  1. Bid amount
  2. Ad quality, extensions, relevance
  3. Click-through rate
  4. Landing page experience
  5. Context of the person’s search

These factors are defined based on previous or common customers’ behavior.

Every single ad is totally different and has its own peculiarities. Sometimes bidding higher might help you rank higher or choosing the right keyword can help you go up. However, all the useful tools combined may ensure higher results. To understand which are the 3 most useful ways to improve your ad ranking read further.

Choose specific keywords and bid more

Of course, everyone would prefer to hear something else than to talk about the elephant in the room. Bidding more is not a favorite thing for the businesses which have a tight budget, however, this brings chances to move up in the ad ranking and why not land on the primo spot. 

If your budget is really limited, then conduct in-depth keyword research and decide which are more specific and most important for you, which will allow you to pay only for that specific keyword. 

Usually, people are doing broad matches, but when they do very specific keyword selection, the ads will only show up for that specific keyword or phrase. In this case, even targeting an audience from abroad will justify the spending, bringing higher results.

Bid management is a critical part of any advertisement. The right chosen strategy can be the difference between making money and wasting it. Understanding how to adjust your bids, when bid higher or lower will maximize the results and minimize money waste simultaneously.

Increase CTR rate

Your ad rankings may jump over the other ads if you can make users click on your advertisement. Increasing CTR will provide you a better position in the ranking list. The CTR is calculated by dividing the number of people who clicked on your ad after seeing it by the total number of people who received the ad.

Your CTR tells a lot about your PPC campaigns. A high CTR rate shows you have targeted the right people, you have an interesting offer, and the product is attractive enough that people click on it.

To increase your CTR  you can

Use urgency in your selling text, offering a limited-time-offer. It will hurry the visitors to click to see the offer and not to miss it out. 

Use all the bells and whistles of the ad platforms. For Google AdWords, you can use multiple ad extensions. This will let you map your location with your ad, or let you place a phone number. For Facebook Ads, you may test different call to action (CTA) buttons.

CTR rate will not only improve your ad ranking but also help you identify the problems with your campaigns, which you couldn’t otherwise notice without the CTR metric.

Use different landing pages for different ads

Google examines your ads thoroughly. They closely look at your keywords, bid numbers, text, CTR, and landing pages. To improve your ad rank, use different landing pages for different products instead of sending all ad traffic to the same page. You can use landing page creation tools and speed up the whole process. These tools will help you have more specific and professional landing pages.

Increasing your ad ranking is not as difficult as it may seem. Such easy adjustments may provide you with good results in a short amount of time. Use the above tools and increase your ad’s visibility, CTRs, and generate more revenue.

This guest blog post was written by Jasmine Melikyan, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Digital Growth Formula (DGF). You can follow her on LinkedIn.