5 brands with engaging YouTube strategies (plus tips)

Video is an essential part of digital marketing these days. YouTube is the best channel for sharing your video content. But filming, editing, and producing high-quality videos can be expensive. So it’s important that your brand has an engaging YouTube strategy so that you get a good return on the investment.

This article looks at five brands with engaging YouTube strategies and what you can learn from them.


This well-known company has done a great job of creating engaging video content that complements their music streaming service. Spotify’s YouTube channel offers exclusive content such as Spotify Originals, interviews with artists, and filmed performances. They also have Spotify Unveiled videos, which are shared videos of live performances and behind-the-scenes conversations with artists.

YouTube is a good way to provide additional content that potential and existing customers will find interesting and engaging. This will help to build a connection with your audience and increase awareness of your brand.


GoPro’s products are already well suited to video marketing. Rather than just sharing branded, company videos of how to use their cameras, GoPro uses their YouTube channel to share their customers’ videos. The channel is full of exciting, engaging videos that people have shot with a GoPro all over the world.

They encourage customers to submit videos filmed with their GoPro to enter their GoPro Awards competition. People have the opportunity to get their videos shared on a channel with over 10 million subscribers. GoPro also offer a cash prize for the top videos. This ensures that their YouTube channel has a constant supply of new videos that keep viewers coming back each week. They also use the channel to share behind-the-scenes videos and user tutorials. These videos show their customers and subscribers exactly how to make the most of their products.

While smaller brands might not be able to offer an audience of that size, setting up a competition for video content with your products is a great way to engage your customers. It can really help develop your YouTube channel.

NARS Cosmetics

Beauty-related content generated more than 169 billion views in 2018. That number continues to grow. Makeup brand, NARS Cosmetics, is taking full advantage of this demand for beauty content on the platform.

They use their YouTube channel to share tutorials with professional makeup artists demonstrating the best ways to apply everything from lipsticks to eyeliner and concealer. This is exactly the kind of content that their target audience is looking for. It allows them to promote their products, while also providing added value to customers so that they create more brand loyalty.

Sago Mini Box

This company sells activity boxes for kids, uses YouTube to effectively engage with their target audience of young kids and their parents. Sago Mini Box shares a tutorial video for each month’s box so that parents and kids know how to make the most of all the activities it contains. But the channel also shares short videos that involve the characters in the boxes. These videos entertain the kids and providing more value to the parents.

There’s also behind-the-scenes content, which helps their audience to connect more with the brand. And across the website, they link to their YouTube channel beside their other social media channels, including on their About Us page. This encourages visitors to find out about the Sago Mini Box in an engaging way.


Online clothing and beauty retailer, Revolve, shares a huge range of videos on their YouTube channel that is relevant and engaging for their target audience. From styling tips and outfit advice to makeup tutorials and behind-the-brand insights, their channels help build a strong connection with their customers and subscribers.

A lot of their videos feature popular influencers trying on and using products that Revolve sells. These videos are shared on social media and also promoted by the influencers, which means they have a huge reach. They also have a page on their website about becoming a Revolve Brand Ambassador. This encourages influencers to start promoting their products across social media and YouTube. Revolve has created a community of followers that are engaged with the brand across multiple platforms, and YouTube is one of the key parts of their strategy.

Working with influencers is a good way to get your YouTube strategy off the ground. It can help you to build up more engaging content and get your videos in front of a much larger audience.

Tips for an engaging YouTube strategy

These are a few things you can learn from some of the most engaging YouTube strategies:

  • Focus on creating videos that support or complement your brand.
  • Encourage your customers to create and share their own videos of your products with you
  • Create tutorials and how-to guides that provide more value to your customers.
  • Write clear video titles, add creative thumbnails and keyword-focused descriptions to ensure people find your videos.
  • Organize videos into playlists so your audience can easily find relevant ones to watch
  • Work with influencers to create videos because they already have their own audience and their followers trust their opinions and recommendations
  • Share your YouTube videos across social media and in your emails
  • Add links to your YouTube channel to your website

YouTube is a great marketing channel

YouTube can be a really valuable marketing channel. It can be used to improve your marketing strategy if you know how to make the most of it. Take a look at these examples and follow their lead to create your own engaging YouTube strategy.

This guest blog article was written Rodney Laws. He is an eCommerce platform specialist and online business consultant. You can get his advice for free by visiting Ecommerce Platforms. For more tips and advice, contact to Rodney on Twitter @EcomPlatformsio.